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    Don't normally buy blind but have splashed aout on the following four fragrances so far this week, all blind, as the price has been too good to miss

    Crown Sandringham 50ml
    Rochas Monsieur 100ml
    Abercrombie and Fitch 0.65 floz
    Abercrombie and Fitch Woods 0.65 fl.oz

    and lasT but not least...

    Creed Silver Mountain Water 4.0 FL.OZ

    Got all for under $90 with postage to U.K on ebay (all new and sealed allegedly!)....quite excited as despite owning just under 100 fragrances, this is my first ever Creed purchase, in fact I've never even had the oppurtinity to sample any before...looking foward to it very much!

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    Oh boy, talk about buying blind, I also bought Sandringham - 5 bottles of it for that matter, I couldn't afford to miss out on it, as the prices were so darn crazy! I took the plunge as I thoroughly enjoyed the quirkiness of Crown Imperial.

    Creed SMW is a true delight, however I express some concern with your purchase as there are quite a large number of dodgy bottles on the market, I mean dodgy in the sense that the blackcurrant note of the fragrance has gone off, so please beware......
    Let your nose be your pilot

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    I hope that's not the case with this bottle...only problem being I have no point of reference having never sampled the fragrance how would I know if it has gone off or I just dislike the fragrance?..oh well hopefully that wont be the case anyway will just have to wait and see.

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    If you reside in London, you can visit the following stores in order to sample SMW.

    Liberty's on Regent street
    Selfridges on Oxford street
    Fortnum & Masons on Picadilly
    Harvey Nichols
    any of the House of Fraser stores (maybe)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, hoping you've got a good bottle, please report your findings.
    Let your nose be your pilot

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