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    Default Lacoste Essential, KC Signature, Hummer2

    Véronique, a sales rep at La Baie here in Montréal, tells me that Lacoste Essential is a washout, hardly more interesting than lime coupled with a "rather unpleasant note" she doesn't really enjoy. Packaging, bottle, look are terrific. Obviously that's where their marketing dollars went.

    KC Signature, on the other hand, she finds has an original touch - a hesperide with a slight oriental backdrop. She guarantees I'll have a crush on it (for a brief moment given my terrible fickleness with scent), so I'll head out this week to give it a go. The bottle, she claims, is tremendous.

    Hummer2 was left uncommented, but it did come in yesterday for the curious among you who live close to our much celebrated department store.

    Can't wait for Dior Homme, Arpège and Starwalker (in fact, I think I'm losing sleep over it!) though. Véronique did say these would be the high-end highlights of this season which should kick off very soon.


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    Default Re: Lacoste Essential, KC Signature, Hummer2

    I sampled Signature and found this rather nice. Always wish that they lasted longer.
    I'm also on the lookout for Dior Homme, Arpege and I'll add Polo Black.
    Givenchy's new scent is worth a sample if you haven't sampled yet.
    Next year in the states we will get Gaultier and Silver Shadow by Davidoff...I'm sure that these will be worth waiting fingers are always crossed.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Essential, KC Signature, Hummer2

    I found nothing interesting on Cole's Signature scent. It just like Black, New York, and Reaction.

    Again I say why bother creating something like this?

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