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    Default How does this lineup sound? (sample suggestions)

    I'm going to order 2 packs of samples (14 total) from Aedes.

    Here's what I was thinking:

    LV Piper Nigrum
    LV Yerbamate
    CSP Palm
    CSP Paradise
    MPG Baime (my vial of this spilled! )
    L'A Passage d'Enfer
    L'A Dzing!
    P's Blenheim Bouquet
    MPG Santal Noble
    MPG Secret Melange
    Etro Palais Jamais
    Creed ZMP
    Creed SMW (to confirm my suspicions that my bottle is bad)
    SL Vetyver Oriental

    Creed Santal Imperial
    Etro Lemon Sorbet
    MPG Grain de Plaisir (I love Baime so much I feel I should try this)

    Is there anything I shouldn't fool with? What would you replace that with?

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    Default Re: How does this lineup sound? (sample suggestion

    All good choices except you should know ... the CSP Palm and Paradise are women's fragrances. I didn't know this when I sampled all three from that group (turquoise also). I wound up ordering Palm because I liked it so much. But when I got it, right on the front it says "womens". I still like it, but if the rest of the line is like Palm, it's very weak. I use it now more as a body spray because the scent disappears quickly.

    Personally, from your list, I didn't like Secret Melange (strange drydown), and Creed ZMP and Etro Lemon Sorbet are extremely short lived, but nice smelling.

    Can't tell you what to substitue because I've ordered over 100 sample vials from Aedes and there's no guarantee my taste is the same as yours.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: How does this lineup sound? (sample suggestion

    It's good to know I'm not the only one who is interested in just ordering vials and smelling them...

    I guessed that Palm and Paradise were womens based on the bottle design, but I didn't know they were short lived.

    Can you come up with two others that you really like that I could get a sample of from Aedes? (Im still interested in the ZMP and Lemon Sorbet) They don't have to be anything in particular, this is a learning experience

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    Default Re: How does this lineup sound? (sample suggestion

    Well, as a result of sampling from Aedes, I wound up purchasing from them:
    SL - Daim Blond
    SL - Datura Noir
    Carthusia - Mediterraneo
    Creed - Royal Delight
    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    L'Artisan - Timbuktu

    I also liked (from sample) but haven't bought yet:

    Etro - Heliotrope
    LV - Uomo
    MPG - Santal Noble
    SL - Arabie

    I think you should also experience SMN Nostalgia. I bought it, but not from Aedes. It's sooo different.

    Have fun!

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