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    Default Salespeople Rant

    Does anyone else have problems with people working in fragrance? Either they're annoyingly helpful (i.e. "would you like to buy it?" after dousing someone in it and not waiting for a reaction), or a very misinformed attendant.
    For example, when I first started my interest in fragrances, I asked a worker at Kauffmann's(I think) if she could reccomend a cologne for me after telling her I liked Intuition and Pi, and wanted another sweet/woody scent. After 10 seconds of deep thought, she said "Have you tried Aqua di gio? It's very nice."
    Anyways, sorry for taking up your time, just a thought I had while I was at work. And also, please don't be offended if you are in sales, this isn't directed at you. I'm assuming you're quite well informed if you're at this site.

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    I agree. Awesome! they're playing Regulators on the radio!! Old skool! Anyway, that is their job, to push the latest products. They are indeed SALESpeople. [smiley=grin.gif]

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    The other thing is how would they know you're an "informed" person? You asked for a sweet/woody scent and she pulled out Aqua di Gio cos it sells, she probably needed a sale. I work with these people and I know they don't know what's going on...but she probably just thought you were just another in a long line of guys buying the latest "fragrance du jour."

    Speaking of which, have you tried Burberry London? That might be up your alley if you haven't tried it yet. Far too sweet for me, but something to keep in the mind.
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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    If you like Givenchy Pi, try out Laguna Homme! You might like Brit, too. Try Azzaro Visit too. It is very woody and a little sweet at the same time.

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    I had the opposite experience last night at my local discount fragrance shop. The guy behind the counter was extremely friendly, and he listened with interest as I pointed out all the great, rare, and discontinued stuff on the shelves. He told me I was the 1st guy in 8 years who's impressed him with my fragrance knowledge. [smiley=grin.gif]

    I walked out with a 75 ml Azzaro Visit "Urban Spray" for $19, after passing up Molinard I and III.
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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    Haha I wasn't expecting any replies to this. Yes, I know they are indeed trying to sell things, I would be doing the same thing if I were in their shows. As for the reccomendations you guys gave, they were good because I own both Burberry's London and Laguna(now a favorite), and Brit is on my list to purchase at some point.

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    Last week I had a SA tell me to try this "new" fragrance John Varvatos.

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    I agree with all of you. But I can't really be angry at those SA's. After all, they're just doing their job. Yesterday, I asked the sales lady what I should get for a nice ROMANTIC first date. She recommended Joop!

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    As much as I am humbled by the vast knowledge of those here, at the many,many fragrance counters I have been to there has been only one person whose knowledge of men's fragrances came close to mine. There was a woman at Nordstrom, who after listening to my then current purchases, recommended Annick Goutal Eau du Sud, despite the fact that they did not carry it! Otherwise my experiences are similar to those of scentsei.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Informer
    she probably just thought you were just another in a long line of guys buying the latest "fragrance du jour." *


    Also, i'd venture to say that probably 95% of the time, both the costumer AND the sales person don't know SQUAT about fragrances!
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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    It drives me CRAZY when SA's start suggesting stuff when I haven't even told them what I'm interested in. Or when they say "and what does HE like?" assuming I'm buying a guy's fragrance for someone else.
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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    The Saks salespeople always claim that the Bond No. 9 line is made by the same company that makes Creed - hence the similarities and that Creed is slowly being phased out their parent company, Bond No. 9.

    I just nod my head and look impressed by their wealth of knowledge and inside information

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    A Salesperson Perspective:

    As with anything there are good and bad salespeople and I think it's fair to remember that there is a disctinction. There are those who work behind the counter who work for vendors ("demos&quot and those who work for the store, the counter people. While there are demos who are well informed about various lines and cross sell I think the vast majority of demos are hell bent on getting you to buy their brand. Often the demos are the people you see with bottle and blotters in hand.Having said that I have encountered the rare demo who will spend time with a customer even if they know they aren't buying their item.

    I think generallly you'll find that the counter people are better informed as they are trained by many of the vendors and don't really care which brand you buy as long as your happy which is why I think you'll tend to get a more unpartial opinion from them. Unfortunately in many stores (especially the larger ones) the store people stay in the background and let the demos pull in the sales that they later ring in. At my store there's a woman who's worked in the industry for almost 30 years and knows all about brands I've never heard of and I consider myself well informed. Also bear in mind that sometimes uninformed associates from the cosmetics department offer their "help" in fragrances. Just the other day I had to deal with a lady who came in with a bottle of YSL Paris the Arden woman had sold her, the lady actually wanted Paris Hilton and the salesperson didn't realize there was such a fragrance.

    Just my two cents worth

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    Default Re: Salespeople Rant

    I've had similar experiences in Sephora.

    I asked the SA if they had any other vetiver scents besides Guerlain and she looked at me like a DIHL. She smelled Guerlain Vetiver then proceeded to find other scents that she thought were similar, none of them were and none of them had vetiver. Finally she found a laminated card that had a list of scent types (actually very helpful) and the frags that fell under that family type. She had no idea that there were so many different types of scent families and even why certain scents belonged to certain scent families.

    To her it was like a design house just randomly mixed a bunch of "stuff" together until they came up with something they thought smelled good.

    Wouldn't it behoove a company like Sephora to send their staff to some sort of crash course in fragrences, so they can know a little about the product they sell? Or do they just feel that having a bunch of good looking female staff trying to sell the "fragrence de jour" to an uneducated public is enough (actually, that worked on me before I became educated )?

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