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Thread: Which Rouge?

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    Default Which Rouge?

    Just fishing for opinions ...
    I've been reading a lot of the posts on forum the last couple of weeks ... I am looking for that perfect "dandy" scent.

    Which do you guys like better:
    1) Habit Rouge
    2) Piere Cardine
    3) Shalimar

    Oh, and if you pick HR, why do you choose that over the other two?

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    Shalimar is far too feminine for a man to wear, IMO. I think it's one of the absolute most beautiful feminine fragrances ever made, and I truly appreciate a Shalimar girl, but I don't think it's suitable for a man. I tried it once and it just didn't work unfortunately.

    I'm not familiar with Pierre Cardin, so I'd have to say Habit Rouge.

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    While Pierre Cardin and Habit Rouge share some similiarities, I think that both belong in a wardrobe. Habit Rouge has a leather note that Pierre Cardin doesn't.

    My favotite lady wears Shalimar - it is a women's fragrance made to attract the opposite sex - men.

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    If i had to pick one of these,it would be HR.

    But if you want the 'original' scent created for the "dandy",i strongly suggest you try Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet. Its an amazing blend of rose,sandalwood and jasmine with some lavender in there as well. Created in 1872,HB has stood the test of time. Its a classic that IMO,every "scenthead" should at least try once.

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    I'd go for all three. I would wear Shaimar if my mother didn't. Have you tried Jicky by Guerlain? Or Mouchoir de Monsieur? I feel these two have a definite dandy quality to them. Or Creed's Angelique Encens, which I find a bit similar to Shalimar, but duskier and smokier.

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    The 'dandy' just survived in a frag from D'Orsay I thought, or in Viennese Operettes and I may have the wrong idea about it:
    Habit Rouge and Shalimar are wonderful. So is the newer Jardin des Bagatelles, another favorite! All great on other persons or in the bottle. However, worn close to my skin or nose - instant illness!
    Fortunately, some of those addictive, old, rich and moody ones from Guerlain I can wear nevertheless. Why not give Jicky and L'heure bleue the 'dandy' test! They are almost considered as 'masculine' these days. Same could be said about Grès Cabochard, a 'femme' of the sixties, maybe not dandy, but 'chic' in the best sense for the right man.
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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    My wife wears Shalimar.
    Never tried P C.
    Habit Rouge is my choice. A fantastic well made scent.

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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    Habit rouge from your list.

    However, my personal choice would be sandringham by Crown Perfumery.
    The inspiration for this creation was the dashing King Edward VII who was renowned for his many mistresses and his pursuit of pleasure.

    So there you go, try topping that!
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    Default Re: Which Rouge?

    Try MPG's 'les caprices du dandy' range. Parfum d'Habit is my favourite, but they're all excellent.
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