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    Default Nothing better than a good fragrance review!

    Fellow basenoters,
    I just want to share with you a personal review of Messe de Minuit from scentemental. I bring this to your attention because I want fellow basenoters to realize how important a great, well-written review can be in influencing a purchase. And because Basenoters tend to be much more literate and commanding with the use of the English language.


    Good luck with this recent purchase because *Messe de Minuit* is a real strange one. I have a very strong visceral reaction to it. I find it disgusting and very odd, but, at the same time, hauntingly beautiful and utterly compelling. In many ways, itís like a Gothic monument, beautiful in its pointed ugliness, and itís like those gargoyles one finds adorning such monuments, hideous, imposing creatures from another world, dangerous, lurking, and all the while one is strangely drawn to their otherness.

    I swear it smells exactly like many of the old, musty, dank Catholic churches I visited when I was living in Europe. Churches whose scent is the accretion of incense and age and the blood, sweat, and tears of their parishioners as they struggled with their passions and their yearning for metaphysical certainty. Like faith, this oneís not easy to have. I am still trying to believe in it. '

    Choose to believe, choose joy.
    Scelga di credere, scelga la gioia.

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    Default Re: Nothing better than a good fragrance review!

    I's always fun and helpful to read what our friends here write! And scentemental does give de Charlus a run for his money; it was mainly scentemental and his valet Andre [smiley=wink.gif] who, with repeated mentions, got me to buy Monsieur Balmain (and Citron Citron), and Monsieur Balmain is now my top favorite!

    Incidentally, what he wrote about Messe de Minuit parallels my recent, first experience wearing Lapidus pour Homme: I liked part of it, but kind of shrank in horror from another part of it; maybe I just need to wear it more and see if I get used to it.

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    Default Re: Nothing better than a good fragrance review!

    Graffam and Yvan

    Please forgive me being so ignorant / innocent to ask: why is Scentemental being cited here?
    Yes, it is a fascinating approach to Messe de Minuit and gets me interested. In a similar way some posters inspired me to look for Passage D'enfer, which resulted in nearly research work with completely different results however. All of this is part of being an addict.
    I have warmed up to, and learned to understand Baron de Charlus and his valet - what is the story behind those two characters? Are they no more?
    'Il mondo dei profumi Ť un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: Nothing better than a good fragrance review!

    Thanks to Scentemental's original post I made a note to self that Messe de Minuit has to be tried in the future. So I totally agree with you graffham.

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    Default Re: Nothing better than a good fragrance review!

    I copied some snippets off reviews on makeupalley:

    "mothballs and old curtains"
    "downright frightening"
    "damp old cricket bag odour"
    "like I've been sleeping in a sewer"
    "It smelled of death and decay...unhealthy"
    "I would be embarrassed to wear this fragrance in any venue"
    "musty and funky .. I love it!"

    Now if that doesn't intrigue you...

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