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    I emailed trupers about 5 months ago asking for some samples... They never wrote back and I didn't receive anything so I figured that they ignored my email...until today I came home and found a big package sitting on the table. I opened it up and inside were 6 samples of colognes and ets, 2 skin foods(lotion) and 6 shave creams... The one that really stood out was the sandalwood cologne. What do you think of the trumpers line? Also, is their shave cream to be used with a brush or do you just slap it on?

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    I'm surprized it took so long to recieve your samples. I recieved samples about a week after e-mailing them. I guess it's worth waiting for good things.
    I love many of the Trumper scents.
    Sandalwood is my all out favorite. One spray lasts forever!
    Eucris is another. My girlfriend loves it.
    Enjoy the samples, but Trumpers is quite hard to get.
    I can give the adress of a seller in England who is wonderful to deal with.

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    Ben Silver sells some Trumper products in the US. You can order online or from their mail order catalog.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    I have only tried Sandalwood. It is superb, if applied lightly. Spicy, creamy and super strong sandalwood. Very good quality cologne.
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    Trumper Spanish Leather is very nice--soft leather, soapy, a little sweet. Yes, I was really impressed by the big "goody bag" of samples they send out.

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