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    whilst stocking up on some clive christian at fortnum and mason, i encountered a new creed fragrance, ... 'original santal'. i was intrigued by the red colour and decided to take a sample. rather pleasant i must say, and one i may consider for the autumn months.

    anyone have any thoughts on 'original santal'?

    pip pip!

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    any news on OS ??

    it should be available somewhere by now, shouldn´t it?


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    Can you tell a bit more than "rather pleasant"? I'd like to hear some more on this. I'm waiting for this to sample, but I think the release has been delayed until September. At least, that's what some websites mention as release date.

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    Designerish Creed. Not bad at all. It grew on me in a way I never expected it to be. The sandalwood note will take hours to reveal itself, so I don't know what *original* means here! It begins with a whiff that is reminiscent of Chanel's Allure only ten times better--less synthetic feel. I'm getting compliments everywhere I go - even when I can't smell it myself. I get a *nutty* note from it, which I don't find in Allure. The sandalwwod note lingers on the clothes. You'll still smell it the next day. Good scent.

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    Do a search and you will find some info. I received my bottle about a month ago, and agreed there was a likeness to allure, but the more I wore it and compared them side by side, the less similarities I found. It has the same sort of structure that Himalaya does, with its icy cool notes on top mingled with warm, spicey mid-notes that tickle the nose a bit. Original Santal has a heart of spices which helps to balance out its sweet nature. But I like it much, and definately have received a few compliments while wearing it.
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