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    Default MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS - Eau de Hongrie

    I used up a sample of Eau de Hongrie a few weeks ago and found it light, fresh and somewhat green. It is a scent along the lines of Hermes Orange Vert, and similar to Crabtree and Evelyn's Hungary Water (go figure) Though the lasting power is mediocre - not bad, but not great, I think it would make a unique and refreshing warm weather scent, slightly vintage and very easy to wear, and an interesting counterpoint to many of today's fresh scents.

    The scent opens with a citrus note paired with Jasmine, but strangely the jasmine is quite green and I don't detect the typical whit floral creaminess that jasmine usually offers. The scent is quite simple and one-dimensional - as the top notes fade, the amber and cistus (aka Rockrose, the odor bears some similarity to that of Roman chamomile, to decaying fruits, to certain methacrylates. The tenacity is much inferior to that of the so called cistus oil, but the true cistus oil has an immense power in its topnote. It produces good effects in lavender bouquets, colognes and spicy after shave fragrances. very gently appear, though quite muted and well-blended with the frehser top notes. It's an interesting composition and feels very old-world, perhaps due to its simplicity.

    Another great scent from Fragonard is Eau de Bonheur, with notes of mate and sandalwood.

    Fragonard ( writes:

    Eau de Hongrie is a 14th-century composition of soft bergamot and jasmine notes on a warm background of amber and cistus. Authentic, timeless and elegantly sober, it never fails to charm.


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    Default Re: MUST HAVE SUMMER SCENTS - Eau de Hongrie

    Fourteenth century! Talk about a cologne for older guys!

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