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    Default Re: Feminines that could work as Masculines?

    Quote Originally Posted by elementalscents View Post
    I think everyone should wear what they like and not care what anyone else may think. Fragrance like all other parts of fashion should be an individual expression that fits ones personality and mood. So express away with wherever your personality or mood takes you.

    What facinates me is when a man wears a fragrance designed to be feminine, it takes on a little of a five-o-clock stubble in the way that it smell. It seems the natural muskiness of men's skin give feminine fragrances a bit of a masculine vibe.

    The same is true in the opposite direction when women wear masculine fragrance, they seem to smell a bit softer.
    I feel this is true.

    Also true, as in food (example above) some dishes are sometimes sold as feminine/ masculine. There have been times when, in restaurants I have noticed the smaller steak is called the "Queen" or "Princess" cut thus discouraging men from ordering a smaller portion.
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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    I'm not against wearing feminine fragrances and I have several in my collection. But I rarely reach for them. Neither the unisex ones for that matter.

    They're always either too fragile or too rounded for me to enjoy. I'd rather wear something sharp or coarse that will keep me on my toes instead.

    And these are almost always classified as masculine fragrances, or some niche unisex line.
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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    The only womens fragrance I'd like to use would be light blue by d&g I heard men can use it .

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Today has been one of the most feminine days lately, I started this morning with Lauder's Cinnabar, then Feminité du bois (early Shiseido version), then Guerlain's Nahema.

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Guerlain Chamade yesterday. Good stuff.
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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by rbaker View Post
    Guerlain Chamade yesterday. Good stuff.
    The Chamade is wonderful, but I also like the Coriolan.
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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Will have to add the new Alien flanker L'Eau Extraordinaire and Guerlain's Champs-Elysées to the list. Furthermore I enjoy Cartier's Baiser Volé, Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire and Paco Rabanne's Black XS for Her.

    I understand that the last one is a bold one to pull off as a man but it works. I'm totally digging that scent and I wouldn't want to miss it in my collection ever again.

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Chanel Allure and Guerlain's Shalimar.

    Most often I'll use a gourmand marketed to men on my arms and a spray a blast of Shalimar or Allure on my chest.
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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    I have bought and worn Angel many times , Angel innocent which i adore, Chopard Wish,
    And Givenchy Oblique Rewind. These are the only female fragrances that i like and wear.
    But to be honest i think the male fragrances out there are better. Male or Female is really just a marketing term. There are many male fragrances that are quite feminine...just take Fleur de male for instance. The overpowering jasmine note makes it quite feminine. Also the unisex gaultier 2 is definitely more feminine in my opinion...and most designers are gay any they are more intouch with their feminine side lol

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    Default Re: Feminines that could work as Masculines?

    Mine are more Unisex I guess you can say but lean more toward feminine, that I would prefer my girlfriend to wear.

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    My husband generally wears Amouage Lyric woman, Paestum Rose (Eau d'Italie) and Tom Ford's Black Orchid. His skin highlights the rounder, deeper tones of any floral scent, and he loves it (so do I)!

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    Default Re: Men wearing Women's Fragrances?

    Guerlain and Chanel women's perfumes seem to be more interesting to me....see no reason not to wear them as long as they suit my taste

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