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Thread: 15 Samples!

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    Default 15 Samples!

    Just picked them up at the post today:

    (all are Men's versions)

    Lolita Lempika
    Beyond Paradise
    Marc Jacobs
    Jaipur EDP
    Aqua di Roma
    Casual Friday
    Rochas Aquaman
    Tommy Bahama

    Creed's GIT

    I've given a couple of these skin tests, smelled a feww more on strips, but I want to do some real regular wear testing of all of these. *Fun!!! Don't know where to start. I have to say that the still closed vial of Aqua di Roma smells good already.

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    Wow, you scored a nice diverse selection of samples! Have fun, and give each one a few full wearings!

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    Thanks. There are weeks worth of playing to be had here. If anything the hard part will be having the patience to try one thing at a time, and really give everything a chance.

    I cheated just a little, tried just a dab of Aqua di Roma. Seems almost identical to L'eau d'Issey. A litte sweeter, and without the bite or edge that Issey has.

    An hour later a tiny tiny spritz of Jaipur on the other wrist. I was waiting a long time to try this as none of my local shops carry it. WOW! No doubt that this is at least in part due to this being my first experience with an EDP, but my initial impression was that this is the highest quality juice I've yet encountered. The body and richness of the scent - just amazing.

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    Where did you get so many samples from? Or do you mean you sampled it out.. at a store..
    Anyway, I love Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin it's quite heady but such a sweet oriental that smells like a candy store! Try that on your skin

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    So many of my favs are in there. I love Lolita, M7, Jaipur, Casual Friday, L'Instant, Aquaman, GIT, SMW and Himalaya. You're gonna have such a fine time!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by juni
    Where did you get so many samples from? Or do you mean you sampled it out.. at a store..
    Purchased from perfumebay. Not cheap, but there are too many things that I want to give extended trials to, and too many things that I couldn't find at all. I also want to get some L'Artisan and Bond samples from lusciouscargo.

    OMG the Jaipur EDP is strong. How do you apply this???

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    Funny. I'm trying L'Instant PH today. For the most part underwhelmed. A nice, "nothing to complain about" fragrance. A much lighter, slighty sweeter Heritage I think. Inoffensive.

    A few hours after applying it I am sitting at my desk typing, and I start to notice a new development. Some new spiciness, some new depth, so the frag was starting to make a good impression on me.

    But something about it is familiar, and I get suspicious. I move the keyboard and trackball off of my keyboard shelf and take a whiff of the shelf itself. Yup - Jaipur EDP is coming off of the shelf. Evidently, a little bit smeared from my wrist onto the edge of the shelf, and my desk smelled like Jaipur!

    Once I cleaned the shelf with Clorox, L'instant went back to being just pleasant and inoffensive.

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    Jaipur PH EdP is the king of endurance, even moreso than Gucci Envi, IMHO. I have a little spray sampler of the EdP, and I literally use half a spray, and it lasts all evening. You *definitely* want to take it easy with this one. It's a really nice fragrance, but it's so strong that I'm often fatigued by it's sweetness after a while.

    I'm with you on Guerlain L'Instant. It reminds me of Vera Wang, only better. Like you say, it's nothing to write home about, but sometimes I enjoy such a scent. This is one I'm planning on purchasing.

    Currently wearing: Acqua Viva by Profumum

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    It seems to have improved over the last couple hours. Or at least, the sillage is much nicer than the scent at the spot of application. I'm going to try it at work tomorrow. In the end something like this may end up being the optimal choice in this climate and my working conditions. I won't let myself judge too quickly. Things that really knock your socks off initially also seem to tire one out with prolonged use.

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    Since you like the Jaipur, try the Lolita next!!!

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