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    Default Rethinking and Rediscovering Lagerfeld Scents

    I had a good friend in the early 90s whose signature scent was Photo. Come to think of it, it was his ONLY scent. I wore it occasionally when I went to his house, and while I remember thinking this stuff smelled "good", I also found it oppressively heavy, way too floral and a bit cheap smelling. "French whore" came to mind, although perhaps a gay hooker instead.

    When I started collecting fragrances in earnest a few years ago, this was a house I deliberately stayed away from, thinking they were all pretty much like Photo, mistakenly, as it happily turns out.

    In the last couple of weeks I decided to try out more from this house out of curiousity and to see if they really contained the same DNA as Photo. I received a bottle of Lagerfeld Classic and KL in swaps, the KL just arriving today (thanks Cman!). I must say, I am very impressed by both.

    The Classic did remind me of Photo. It is clear they share the some similarities, but to avoid the inevitable "they smell nothing alike" replies, yes, they are different. But they ARE similar in the fact that they are full-bodied, heavy, in your face scents that could easily overwhelm if applied too liberally. I can't say this one will make it to the top five list, but I liked it very much and decanted it into a roll on bottle so I could control the application.

    Today's bottle of KL was a revelation. NOTHING like Photo or Classic. Far more subdued, mature, dare I say, even sophisticated. It goes through a phenomenal dry-down. At first it is sharp and slightly off-putting, but then it develops, matures, and comes in to its own as a very unique, classy fragrance whose quality, to me, rivals some artisinal scents for a fraction of the price.

    Now I am wondering about Jako and even thinking of giving Photo another try. I am also curious about Lagerfeld Man, and another scent, whose name I forget, listed as being unisex.

    The fact that these frags can be had for a song is a plus, too.

    Three questions: what do you think of these scents, and does anyone have Jako or Photo or Lagerfeld Man for trade? And second, I remember that there was a recent thread praising either Classic or KL--I forget which-- and I was really anxious to read reviews without having to rehash this recent subject, but when I hit the "find posts" button on the directory page, I am bought to the sign-in screen. Is this function down, or am I doing something wrong?

    I am happy I decided to challenge my old prejudices and having discovered two scents which I like very much.

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    Default Re: Rethinking and Rediscovering Lagerfeld Scents

    Quote Originally Posted by Ballardbeau
    but when I hit the "find posts" button on the directory page, I am bought to the sign-in screen. Is this function down, or am I doing something wrong?
    My question relates to the step before: Where do I find the *find posts* button???

    I am prejudiced, I admit, on Lagerfeld (Joop and Sander): * No, never on me! * First acquaintances were kind of shocking. I don't even remember what they were called. But surely, I will watch what may happen here.

    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: Rethinking and Rediscovering Lagerfeld Scents

    I like KL too. I used it when I was younger and bought a bottle a while ago. I think the initial sharpness might be due to age, because I don't recognise the topnotes from when I was younger. But, as you say, they pass pretty quickly and the drydown is very rich, like fine brandy or something.

    If you ever come across De Nicolaď's New York you should try it. It's similar, but with more citrus in the top.

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