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Thread: Le Roy Soleil

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    Default Le Roy Soleil

    I purchased a bottle from perfume bay and do not smell no type
    of citrus. *Can some one sell me a decant?

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    I was planning to go and test it in the store this afternoon, I'll let you know if I smell something ;-)

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    While I've never considered this a citrus scent, there is a very prominent citrus edge to it, much like with Himalaya. Le Roy Soleil has been been described (cannot remember where) as a mad mix of woods, florals, and aldehydes. I agree. The citrus doesn't dominate, but is well integrated into this stylish woody aldehyde mix. IMNSHO this is the ideal man's aldehyde, much better than what you get from Chanel.

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    Got a strip lying here and I can certainly detect a a lot of fruityness but for the moment no citrus yet

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    thanks guys.... i just hope my bottle is not bad

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    I really doubt you have a bad bottle. I've had mine for years and it is almost empty. The aldehyde quality is what hit me initially (got it blind) and was at first slightly off-putting, but this scent really grew on me and is one of my most used fragrances. I have a fresh bottle waiting and this is the only one I've emptied in almost five years. Give it a chance.

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    It's funny you have posed this question... I just got a bottle of this in a great swap w/Ballrdbeau and I must say that I am absolutely knocked out by it. An absolutely amazing scent! Kind of similar (to my weird nose) to The Dreamer, but fresher (that's the citrus). Anyway, I freakin' love it - a real class act.

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    Thinking about buying another one and comparing the two. Can
    some one recommend an online store.

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    Default Re: Le Roy Soleil

    sent you a PM.

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    I have a bottle I'll let go cheap...check my swap list...

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