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Thread: Ronaldo Esper

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    Default Ronaldo Esper

    Has anyone tried these?

    Comments? Opinions? Who is Esper and what's his background? Any info would be helpful.

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    it is italian, graphite is the best one

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    I had a sample of "Millesime" by Ronaldo Esper that was quite excellent... I don't see it listed on the Wuchsa website any longer though.

    If you can find it, it's definitely worth a try...


    p.s. try these guys:
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    Tested all of them at the time they were "new" for ausliebezumduft. Then I liked Memories, Millesime and Future the best. I re-found the samples yesterday and decided to give them another try. Again the above mentioned three are worth of buying for me.

    BUT when I visited Georg's website I noticed that he has only Graphite, Future and Memories for sale - the other three are not listed any more I guess I have to be quick and buy the two favs of mine while he still have them and try to find Millesime from somewhere else...

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    Hi guys, Esper is Brasilian, not italian.

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