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    Default Thierry Mugler Angel

    I am a male and I find Angel the best smell. I am wearing it and I was wondering is it a completely feminine smell? I would appreciate your comments as you must know better than me.
    Also do you find any similarities between Angel and Angel men? If so what is the similarities?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel

    If I were to say how similar Angel is to A*Men, it would be like describing the scent itself. In other words, they are almost COMPLETELY SIMILAR! So it'll be easier to state the differences.

    Angel has some berries and honey to make it a little more fruity than A*Men. A*Men has tar which "binds" the scent together. Without it, the scent would just "fall apart". I'd say it is a VERY feminine smell... But it can work for men, too!

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel

    I always felt the Angel Men is very feminine in that its very sweet sugary.

    Where Angel for women is totally different the scent is sweet but is contrasted with a deep patchouli and tobacco note giving it a very manly edge.

    I believe this is what Mugler wanted total contrast women wearing a masculine scent and men wearing a sugary sweet almost female scent.

    To bad Amen doesn't have a deeper contrast to it....the down dry is all sugar. As for wearing Angel for women I would not for its just too recognize these days.

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel

    I too prefer Angel over A*Men and was thinking of getting it for myself but was debating on if it's too feminie for a man. (Thanks Atalbest for starting this thread) I too believe with Xen that it can be pulled off - so that being said - I will buy a bottle if I do find it on sale.

    But I think Scentimus got it right on the nail - its just recognizable these days - I'm already hearing people asking me - "Your wearing a women scents becasue....."

    Thus I would most likely wear this scent when being by myself.

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    Default Re: Thierry Mugler Angel

    I dont think its that recognizable. At least when I wear it nobody says anything like that.
    What I think might work is mix it with the male version of A*Men.
    I hope that on a male skin, it will smell a bit more masculine although I am not sure thats the way it works.
    I think its not the most feminine smell anyway.

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