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    Default Lolita vs. Yohji

    I've had Yohji Homme recommended to me again, and I am curious to check it out, but since it is discontinued I think I would have to buy a bottle just to sample it.

    I have seen some brief comparisons of Yohji Homme to Lolita Lempika aM. I do know that I like Lolita, but have some reservations about the strong licorice - very anisette like - topnote which I don't care for.

    One description of Lolita I've seen said that it was Yohji with the addition of sweet licorice. Which would mean that Yohji is Lolita without the sweet licorice. But I note that anise is in the topnote ingredients for Yohji.

    Any thoughts on how these compare?

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    Violet and other notes tame the Lolita a bit, imo. I tried the Yohji once and don't recall any similarity.

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    I own Lolita and it smells nothing like Yohji. Yohji was more of a 'dry' woodsy type scent from what I recall.

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    Personally, I like lolita better but thats me.

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    I like Lolita, but it is almost TOO heavy and thick and overpowering for me, and am thinking of putting it on the swaplist.

    Definitely not for hot weather.

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    Yohji is best hands down. Lolita smells good, but it's just too sweet and thick. It just about made me sick when I wore it. It's the type that wows you in the store, and then gags you when you wear it. Too freaking rich.

    My family really likes Yohji on me. It's a class act. Subtle and so different.

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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    Although I like Lolita better, Yohji received more compliments than any other fragrance I own
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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    Never got into Lolita, though I tried it a good number of times (I do like the newer, fraiche version, better). I recall liking Yohji, but never purchased it for some reason. I've heard it compared more to New Harleem from Bond, but it's been so long since I've tried it, I don't recall...
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    Default Re: Lolita vs. Yohji

    As others have mentioned, Lolita is a teenagers version of a gourmand scent. Very sickly sweet and over the top. I can't wear this often. Yohji is a grown up gourmand with leather and tobacco bases that tames it perfectly.
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