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    Default A little question

    I got two weddings next September, and I think it’s a good excuse to buy a pair of interesting scents to add in my collection. [smiley=cool.gif]

    I’m looking for a sensual, provocative smell but in a elegant and refined way, not too “strident”. Some friends suggested me Dolce & Gabbana pour home and Chanel L’Egoiste, and then also Antaeus- if I could find it.

    I’m 26. What do you think?
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    Default Re: A little question

    I think BdP (Creed's Bois du Portugal) is a must for weddings or formal wear.

    I also recently bought Black Code from Aramis which I think is great for anything, day or night.

    I'm sure you'll have tons of responses for on this question.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: A little question

    MPG Santal Noble and Chanel Égoïste immediately come to mind.

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    Default Re: A little question

    D & G Pour Homme is a good choice.
    Bulgari pour homme would be a good choice...

    Im 26 too and i like D & G, and i think its very good for a wedding.

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    Default Re: A little question

    Yeah, D & G is great if you want to be wearing the same scent as the rest of the frat brothers there. Not a bad frag, but ubiquitous in the extreme, especially at weddings.
    Be bold man. Get something unique.

    A few suggestions for a 27 year old -

    Costume National Scent Intense - Found on the net mostly. Wonderful, musky, manly smell. According to some, sexy as hell.
    Creed's BdP, as mentioned above, is a sure winner. Santal Noble might work - if you're wearing a suite.

    Of the three you mentioned Egoiste is my favorite.
    Hmmm...shuffling bottles.....
    Gucci Envy - This might be just the ticket. Search it out in a department store near you.
    While you're there try L'Instant PH by Guerlain.

    Have fun.

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    Default Re: A little question

    How 'bout Creed Silver Mountain Water?
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    Default Re: A little question

    I'll be the third to suggest Santal Noble. It's not the most versatile scent, but it's perfect for weddings, candlelight dinners, going to the opera, etc. The only problem is, you might upstage the groom

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    Default Re: A little question

    My guess would be that since you're 26 and a newbie (Perhaps? Correct me if I'm wrong!), a niche scent may be a bit much to ask.

    Egoiste is one I think you might grow to like. Antaeus is flat out excellent and masculine. You might have problems finding them at Dept Stores; rumor has it that they are only available at boutiques, though you can find them online. Out of the Chanel line, I would think that Allure Homme might be the one to get in a pinch, plus you can test it at a dept store easily.

    Aha!!! [smiley=evil.gif] Lancome - Miracle Homme. Masterfully blended. A cross between a gourmand and an aquatic scent IMHO. Somewhat sweet, but not like it could skin a cat like Le Male or Joop. Nor does it smell like a typical gourmand. The coffee notes are subtle; what I think sets this scent apart are the red pepper notes.

    Escada Magnetism is an interesting choice. It is certainly very sweet at first, but it tames down. However, again you might have problems with duration.

    Doc's choice of Envy is inspired, although it isn't for all takers. Try before you buy with this 'un.

    It may be heretical around her to suggest it, but consider Claibourne - Spark for Men. It is kind of fresh, kind of romantic, and has decent duration. A well rounded scent. On sale cheap now at Marshalls/TJ Maxx FWIW.

    Out of the YSL line, I would suggest Body Kouros. Long lasting, and it is almost a gourmand. Readily confused with Le Male however.

    From Guerlain - I'd say Habit Rouge ... either EDT or EDC. Starts out citrusy but quiets down to a subtle leather + vanilla + powdery spices scent. Financee enjoyes this 'un on me.

    Heritage would be a bit much although it is excellent and smooth. Extremely potent. (I've seen Heritage at Marshalls recently, as have others here.)
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    Default Re: A little question

    Ok, so at 26 you need to:

    avoid teen stuff, because you are wiser and not old enough to want to smell younger (no mass market citruses)

    avoid old gentleman's stuff, because you don't need to smell older than you are (no hyper elegant fougeres)

    basically, you need Shiseido Basala

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    Default Re: A little question

    sensual, elegant, refined, not "strident" and not too popular and known... CHIC FOR MEN by Carolina Herrera can be a good choice...

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    Default Re: A little question

    Egoïste - Chanel
    Xeryous - Givenchy
    Jazz - YSLaurent

    I hate Chic- Carolina Herrera

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