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    Default Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    On a fluke I stopped in a local Marshalls and found their very disorganized cologne table.

    To my surprise a very obvious bottle jumped out at me. A 100 ml (3.4 oz) bottle of Guerlain Heritage for $20! Since the only bottle I previously had of this was a miniature that ran out quite a while ago, the timming could'nt have been better.

    Looks like I have to go to Marhsalls more often.

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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    I saw they had it too, but I already have Heritage ... BUT ...
    they had Eau Sauvage Shower Gel and Shave Cream (no A/S or EDT though) for about $6 a pop.
    The Shower Gel is really nice and concentrated.

    I have yet to try the shave cream being an evening shaver. ES is one of my top frags so I had to get it even if I don't use it.

    My TJ Maxx doesn't seem to stock much in the way of frags as of late; it has really been a wasteland. Marshalls has been the place to go. Kind of wierd bc I thought they are controlled by the same company.
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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    I stop in @ Marshall's once a week now ever since learning about their great finds! Last week I bought a 1.7oz bottle of Perry Ellis Reserve & a 1oz bottle of Burberry London for under $30 in total!
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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    There was a whooooole bunch of discount shalimar at our local TJ Maxx just a few days ago. EdT, I think 1.7 oz., for $15. My mother was looking for a gift for an acquaintance in China, and I convinced her to get the Shalimar instead of, her pick, White Diamonds >.< My mother insisted that "she will recognize white diamonds! everybody knows white diamonds!"

    I politely informed her that it was ok, Shalimar is pretty famous, too.


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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    Marshalls is one of those places that never has what I'm looking for, but always has something I happen to want. An absolute budget-killer if you're an impulse shopper!

    (I've also spotted Heritage there--but only when I was out of $. [smiley=cry.gif] )
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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    I've checked my TJ Maxx for a couple of weeks now and there is nothing worth considering. I do hope that I can land a bottle of that would be like Christmas in July....well it is August so Christmas in August.
    Congrats and way to go!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    I saw lots of Eau Sauvage and various Floris items for men.

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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    Hi all,

    Last week (or there abouts) I too SCORED the ONLY bottle of GURELAIN HERITAGE sitting on the shelf of my local MARSHALLS! 3.4 oz. for $19.95 MAN! I am LOVING HERITAGE!


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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    I recently scored 100ml of YSL Nu EDP for $20 at TJ Maxx. I've been checking my local Marshalls for Heritage, but haven't seen it. Grrrrr.

    At the stores near me, the selection at both Marshalls and TJs is pretty meager and I only rarely find anything interesting.

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    Default Re: Nice score at Marshalls yesterday

    Nice score. Heritage is a great frag, and so is Nu, which I have seen at my Max for 20 bucks also.

    However, the pickins are pretty slim. There's no shortage of "Hei" and "Oxygen" and Paul Sebastian scents, but that's usually about it.

    By the way, how is Paul Sebastian? I rarely see it discussed here, probably, I'm guessing, with good reason.

    Someone bought Dinner very cheaply at the Max and I would love to have found that. I have a small sampler vial and thought it was awesome.

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