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    Hi Guys

    What does the community think of the new ADP Assoluta, I have just bought a bottle and the jury is still out

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    I think Assoluta smells like Old Grandparents. The Original Colonia is WAY better! I actually like the whole Acqua Di Parma line (Cipresso, Colonia, Iris Noble, Mandorlo, Arancia) the only one i hate is Assoluta.

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    Old Grandparents? Way too funny!
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    I love Colonia, but Assoluta is great too. My preference simply lies with Colonia, with the subtle rose note which comes wafting at you. Best to apply to the back of the hands to experience this BTW. Many people contend colonia doesn't last with them, however I have found that it lasts on me. Assoluta is certainly stronger, I recall it had a persistent citric note.
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    Assoluta has slightly better top notes than regular AdP (less rose) but the drydown is a bit of a letdown on my skin. It losens its freshness and becomes opaque. A very good fragrance btw

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