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    Default Fragrances that smell like money?

    I was smelling a $10.00 bill today and it made me think: are there any fragrances out there that have a note that resembles money? If not, I think fragrance crafters should capitalize on this familiar odor!

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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    Urban Decay, a company I'm not sure if I should be sad or glad that they never yet went into fragrances, that I know of, made a great nail polish called Cash. It was a translucent shimmering green/gold that was Exactly the color of the sparkly code numbers printed on money. I thought it was genius.

    I do like the smell of money. But I think the smell of money *on skin* would be weird. Kinda like the smell of a sweaty wadded up dollar bill in your pocket, you know? I don't exactly wanna inhale that.

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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    I believe Jo Malone has likened Eau Sauvage to money and crisp bed clothes - can't quite see it myself....

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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    Sandringham by Crown perfumery
    Santos by Cartier
    Dunhil for men
    Van clef & Arpels
    Creed GIT
    Creed Tabarome
    Jean patou pour homme
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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    I always thought that Millésime Impérial had a very faint note that smells like crisp $100 bills.
    Then I read it was created for the King of Saudi Arabia.
    That's how the King should smell ; like the breeze of a desert oasis , and crisp new $100 bills.
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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    I have to agree that Santos, Dunhill for Men and Jean Patou pour Homme smell like money in a figurative sense. Zino does too. Unfortunately Zino also does smell like Zino, one of the most difficult fragrances to pull off.

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    Default Re: Fragrances that smell like money?

    I don't know what money smells like really, but I concur with prior sentiment that Dunhill for Men smells like money, if it is the 2003 version he is talking about. Definitely makes me feel like $1m. It is a nice rounded musk which goes down like ball bearings ... utterly smooth. However, it is not for everyone; opinions seem to vary widely on this.

    Bois du Portugal and a knock-off Eau Sauvage oil sometimes does it, but Dunhill '03 is the kicker.
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