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    Default The battle of the Vetivers

    Yesterday I went to try Frédéric Malle‘s Vétiver Extraordinaire that I had heard so much about on BN. When I smelled it on my hand, I thought at first I was at the dentist because it smelled like the filling of a tooth. After half an hour, it had dried down to something less „dentistical“ though not breathtakingly seductive. But it should have because the prices (here in Berlin) are steep: 88 € (= about 108 dollars) for 50ml, 130 € (160 dollars) for 100 ml. For that money you can expect at least a whiff of the Garden of Eden. This it was not. So, was I to buy the Malle Vétiver? There are always 2 questions tI ask myself when I find myself in such a situation:
    1. If I buy it, will it make me happier?
    2. Do I really need it?

    The answer to both these questions yesterday was „no“, so I happily resisted (though I could have afforder it), recalling - with some tristesse and a sigh - the charm and the elegance of my beloved OLD Guerlain Vétiver.

    On my way home, I passed L‘Occitane where I entered to try THEIR „Vétyver“ too. Yuk, doesn‘t that smell strong - and BAD! Of Vetiver? I didn‘t detect any, but I detected a bunch of other (synthetic) nuances. Therefore very long-lasting (It still lingers on me today) but MUCH TOO LOUD. Who wants to smell as if he hasn‘t showered for a week and needs something that strong to cover up his body odours?

    So I didn‘t like these 2 Vetivers. But de gustibus non est disputandum. Otherwise the stink breweries would all have gone bankrupt a long time ago.

    Have you heard that BOSS is about to launch a cosmetic series for men?
    BOSS, yeah, but before spending lots of money on it don‘t forget it‘s still Procter & Gamble.


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    Default Re: The battle of the Vetivers

    With the L'Oc, the vetiver seems to come out in the end. My fav. Hope they haven't changed the formula. Top notes are reminiscent of Polo's top notes IMHO, which might explain why it seemed bad.
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