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    Default Sampled Amouage Gold

    Thanks to Vicomte de K who sent me a sample of Amouage Gold and three other great scents.

    I definetly smell the baby powder in Gold, but there is also a deep richness about the scent that I have not experienced before. A great hit with me.
    The result of my sampling being that I managed to track down a supplier in Australia and have purchased both Amouage Gold and Silver. Both will be arriving tomorrow.

    I am yet to try Silver so if anyone can let me know what I am in for?

    I am also interested in the likes of Dia and Ciel so if anyone can give me some insight into these it would be great.


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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    I felt gold was way too over the top and old school. I am starting to feel that silver, although I love it, is an over-glorified stetson in some aspects. Anyone agree?

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    The first time I sampled Gold - I could only smell baby powder - but I still bought it; after using it afew more times - it now smells like something totally different. Very happy I got it.

    As for silver - very good, long last - I love this one! I prefer this over gold.

    With regards to Ciel and Dia -> I found Ceil to be fresh and light - I think the translation of Ciel is Sky. Dia is nice - but similar to Gold. By similar, I mean not unqiue enough compared to Gold for me to spend $350 Canadian. When I get my next bottle of Amouage - I probably get Ceil.

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    Snake, if you've never experienced Silver, I have two words for you..."STAND BACK!"

    ahahha...a beautiful, incredibly rich brew that is also incredibly potent.

    I have finally discovered a way to tame and wear this beast. One spray was too much, and a walkthrough not quite this weekend I decanted Silver into a roll-on. Now, a touch on each wrist and on my chest is just right.

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    I suspect that the replies will be as varied as the individuals writing them. I found gold to be loud and vulgar, it reminded me of "Georgio Beverly Hills" from the 80s; and silver to be quite ordinary.
    OTOH, I think that DIA is a superb fragrance, really quite lovely, although I really do not like to be charged for a pink-gold trimmed crystal flacon that I don't want. If they sold DIA in plain glass, I'd buy it by the litre!


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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    Is it just me or do you think that Amouage Gold is very similar to Kouros + powder?
    "Whereof one cannot speak, one must remain silent thereof." --Wittgenstein

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    It might be of interest to note that I got the Gold for $250 Australian. Seems a bit cheaper than what is usually advertised.

    I am now quite interested in Dia, can anybody give their own opinions on this and any other Amouage?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    The only amouage of the men's line that I've sniffed (I'm a woman) is the Gold, and I found it very very good. It's very sexy and manly despite the floral elements. But more than just simply "sexy" or "good", I felt that this fragrance, to me, emenated....POWER. And I don't mean that the fragrance is simply strong, although it is. I mean that, when I take a whiff, I imagine Amouage gold on a somewhat taller man in a well tailored suit with the eyes of a predator. Now THAT's sexy.

    Moving from that, I simply adore the women's Gold and Dia. I honestly believe the Gold is the best scent I've ever smelled, and I'm definitely getting my hands on it as a birthday present to myself. It means skimping on shopping for, oh, about 5 or 6 months afterwards, but it's worth it. Amouage gold is so rich, complex, and unabashedly sensual. I'd wear it all day every day if I could...and if I could afford it! Dia is growing on me. It's really just a tamed down version of Gold, with the addition of rose as it's central accord. I thought less of it to begin with because it's less powerful than Gold, but slowly I realize with reluctance that the powerful depth of Gold was often too much to wear. However, I will not buy Dia yet because I simply lack the money to buy both!

    Anyway, I recommend that you give the Dia for men a spin if you'd like, but I think you'll be more than satisfied with Amouage gold. Fabulous choice!

    ~Silk and Steel

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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    Hi, I sampled Amouage Gold but it was too floral for my liking, I prefer Dia.

    By the way I'm 6'2" and wearing a suit today, my eyes though are not predator like, more hamster like! [smiley=grin.gif]


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    Default Re: Sampled Amouage Gold

    I own Dia and love it.

    Amouage says it's a daytime fragrence, but I think it's more than classy enough to wear in the evening.

    When I wear it, women seem to stand closer to me, and I usually get compliments.

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