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    Default Complex Drydowns

    Which fragrances do you think have the most complex drydowns?

    Having tried Chanel's Antaeus tonight, i think this one definetly qualifies.
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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    A*Men for sure, not quite the same ever.


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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Surely Antaeus, but also YSL Opium PH, Dior Bois d'argent, CDG 2, Mechant loup, ... and the beat goes on...

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Himalaya for sure. One could spend lifetimes here. Endless modalities.

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    ~ L'Anarchiste
    ~ CdG 3
    ~ M7
    ~ Third Man
    ~ Tea for Two

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Uh oh, I smell a good niche vs. designer debate about to spring. I find that niche fragrances by far have more complex drydowns. It's one of the traits of a good scent that I look for, and it's recognized in L'Artisan, Lorezo Villoresi, MPG, Serge Lutens, and the like. A good number of designer scents, such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, etc., appear so linear without ever changing much. There are exceptions, of course, but this is one of the main reasons why I gravitate towards the niche end of the spectrum.
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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Bandit EDP - On me, starts with leather, moves to florals, and ends on spices. Backwards, I tell ya.

    L'Occitane Vetyver - piney, almost Polo (Green) like at first, then calms into something where subtle spices whip at you unexpectedly, and ends on a vetiver note.

    Yang - Two scents in one. SMW up top, though not as effervescent/shimmering. Ends on a slightly spicy oriental base.

    YSL PH Haute Concentrate (and probably YSL as well; I recently got it but haven't given much thought to analyzing it) - Seamless transition from lemon, to a durable verbena to a dirty herbal core.

    LV Uomo - Starts off like Acqua di Parma - Colonia to me, but goes through many transitions through thetransitions through the day nicely.

    Xeryus - Heavy scent. Berries and lavender, but then the sandalwood whacks you upside yo' head when you least expect it. Go easy on the trigger.

    The Baron - "The Hand of K" pulled from FSOT because of the drydown, which I finally "got". Starts off pretty sweet, and blue, if that is anyway to describe a fragrance. A couple hours in it heats up and turns brown and dirty. This was more of what I was expecting from Fahrenheit. Now Fahrenheit does change from its cool start (which is why I consider it A-Ok to wear during the summer), but doesn't transition enough to really make the cut here.

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    I`d vote for Vetiver Serge Lutens - and Grandiflorum...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    I agree with K on L'Occitane Vetyver. An under-rated gem.
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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Creed SMW

    Also Aqua di Parma Assoluta. I'm not really a fan of this until it drys down, then it's amazing.

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Great replies here. Keep 'em coming!

    As i mentioned earlier, i tried Antaeus for the first time. I am truly amazed. From top- notes to drydown, there's so much going on from minute to minute, but at all melds so seamlessly together.

    No wonder Chanel has kept Jacques Polge employed for so many years. This guy *hit a home run on his first at-bat for the company.
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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    In my own collection, I'd have to say Perry Ellis Reserve. To me the drydown is nothing like the topnotes. The topnotes are very citrus, while the drydown is very soapy (best I know how to describe it, lol).
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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Piper Nigrum.

    This scent is a kalidescope. It changes (on me at least) every hour. Each new modulation is a joy.

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Also, Voleur De Roses needs mentioning, even though i don't like it.
    I love the top-notes, but the drydown almost makes me vomit.

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    Default Re: Complex Drydowns

    Agreed with Third Man and toss in Ungaro II

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