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    Default Older Chanels/YSLs

    After reading about the demise of the older Davidoff scents, I guess I'm getting a bit antsy about some of my other classic favs: Anteaus, Egoiste and Jazz.
    Can anyone confirm that these are still in production? I checked the websites and all of these scents are only offered in one size of EdT spray now. Does this mean impending discontinuation.............?
    If anyone has any info on what the story is with these scents, I'd be really interested to hear.


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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    I do not think that the Chanel scents are going to be discontinued.

    Concerning Jazz:

    The eau de toilette bottle will survive but all the Deos, aftershaves etc has been discontinued - that goes for Live Jazz too (I got the info from a sales rep from YSL).


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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    What about Egoiste? In the UK, it's only available in limited quantities as the travel spray in the metal case.

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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    I saw regular bottles of Equioste in a Duty Free shop in Cinci the other day.

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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    I believe that Antaeus and Egoiste are only available officially in the Chanel boutique stores AND some select duty free shops. I saw both in a duty free recently, priced reasonablly. Of course I stocked up. Naturally.

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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    In the US, the Chanel web site directed me to to purchase Egoiste and Antaeus online: en-us%26lo%3dus%26re%3dgloss~~~G!046A650FB9AB!5kW0r37 g%252brwd%252bKllvg%3d%3d~general~~~@ 3%26landing%3df%26branding%3dant%26sub%3danta%26ch nprd%3dfmant010%26la%3den-us%26lo%3dus%26re%3dchanelcom~~~G!08B82164ADFA!5kW 0r37g%252brwd%252bKllvg%3d%3d~product~~~@
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    Default Re: Older Chanels/YSLs

    Ah! So Antaeus and Egoiste are still available, but destined to become very exclusive, like Cuir de Russie, etc. Maybe I'll stock up on a few bottles anyway.


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