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    Default Angélique Encens vs. BdP


    the reviews of AE really caught my interest!

    seems to be similar to BdP.


    maybe someone who owns/knows both scents is so kind to compare those two in a few words?

    i have no chance to try AE myself :-(


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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    In a few words- BDP is a masculine standard. AE is an excellent feminine fragrance. I don't see the comparison notewise.

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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    It was just yesterday I sprayed a bit Angélique Encens on my left hand. There was once a time I searched ebay daily for months to get a cheap tester bottle. Well, I now own the tester bottle and it was indeed very very cheap. So what do we learn here? If you search, you will probably find, but if you don't search, you will definitely not find.

    This stuff is absolutely amazing, but too feminine to be unisex. Who cares? I spray my pillow once in a while before bedtime and think back when hitting the "buy it now" button with a delightly grin on my face.

    Bois du Portugal is completely different. THE woody reference IMO. [smiley=bath.gif]

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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    I've got a sample of BdP and tried once AE but to me they are completely different.
    Being BdP a deep woody blend with spices in perfect 80' style the one, the other is a dramatical oriental mix of incense & vanilla, with hints of jasmine and rose on a rich iris and amber base. To me AE is quite reminescent of Guerlain Shalimar and it's definitely a femme fatale scent.

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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    I have both and love both, but don't see much comparison between them.
    Bois du Portugal is sharper and more 'clear', and has those lavender top-notes and all those wood notes underneath.
    Angelique Encens seems to lack distinctive top notes: that's why I don't generally compare it to Shalimar, which has a nice dose of lemon as well as a heavy dose of vanilla. Angelique Encens is less sweet and darker.

    PS. I know several women who wear BdP and several guys who wear AE (me included).

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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    thanx for your comment :-)

    even if it might be a bit feminine, i will have a try as soon as i get the chance.


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    Default Re: Angélique Encens vs. BdP

    I love both of these, and have worn AE without any regret at all. The two fragrances are very dissimilar. BdP has been well described, but the characteristic angelica note of the AE is very enchanting. The fragrance is reminiscent of Benedictine liqueur, richly herbal. I am really craving a chance to try Guerlain's new Angelique Noir come to think of it...
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