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    Default How to wear a perfume?


    I have a number of EDT's and EDP's both weaker and stronger and have no trouble using them in a discrete sort of way. I like to keep my smell for myself and the people close around me and so far I have managed to do this.
    But this weekend however I encountered something tricky. I went sniffing for a nice gift to ask for my birthday next month. Wanting something special and non-commercial, I stayed away from the mainstream perfume-stores and ended up discovering Serge Lutens! I was really mesmerized by 'Arabie' but at the same time, I was a bit hesitant because of the power of this perfume (not EDP). With just one (ok, I admit it ws a rather big one) squirt on my wrist, I found myself reeking like an oriental bordello for the rest of the day. After it started to wear off, I really enjoyed the heat en sensuality though.

    So is there any chance of applying this wonderful fragrance (and maybe pure perfume in general) in a discrete way or will I always smell like some sort of harem for the first couple of hours (in which case I'm going to look for something else :-) )

    Thanks for the advice!!

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    Default Re: How to wear a perfume?

    Arabie is actually an edp, but it might be stronger than the ones you're used to (I haven't smelled it myself). But Serge Lutens' export line comes with a choice of spray or splash (the sprayer is included in the box). It's easier to use a small amount if you dab it on than if you spray. You could also decant some into a roll-on bottle, a great way to use less product.

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    Default Re: How to wear a perfume?

    This probably calls for the "spray and walk through" popularized here by Milamber and actually demonstrated on an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where he turned Metro:

    just spray a few shots up and in front of you then walk forward as the widely dispersed droplets fall through the air

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    Default Re: How to wear a perfume?

    You can also spritz on your chest or any other part of your body that you cover. In that way the scent won't be in your face, and more importantly people around you will be tantalized with occasional wafts of your fragrance which I think is very sexy.
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    Default Re: How to wear a perfume?

    If you are really concerned about the strength of a fragrance, consider spraying/dabbing the back of your knee OR applying it to an area where it is covered by clothing (i.e. your chest).
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