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    Default Monsieur Balmain

    I'm considering this one, but have not tried it. It seems fairly low priced, but is it "cheap" smelling? What is your take?

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    The absolute best citrus scent AT ALL!!! It is just like biting a lemon - that IS in fact the smell of it. I love it very much and it is absolutely not cheap smelling!


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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    Check out They have the 3.4 oz. for $19.68.

    Can't go wrong with that! I've paid more for decants [smiley=shocked.gif]

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    It is a very good scent and a steal at that price. It does not smell cheap at all.

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    I find it very natural-smelling, not cheap or synthetic, and I find it both a laid-back citrus scent and a fine creation. Of the citrus, I too get mainly lemon, but there's also another minor citrus or fruit note in there. And while it is a citrus scent, I also distinctly notice some wood and floral notes, and maybe the slightest hint of spice (Scent Direct says it has ginger). My favorite citrus scent.

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    This is an absolutely beautiful citrus scent that is natural-smelling and long lasting. A true insider tip, and definitely worth every penny. You'll be surprised to hear that stores in Europe still manage to sell this @ 60 euros for 3.4 oz., so don't let the price scare you away!!

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    I got a sample spray vial of this with an order from Imagination Perfumery awhile back. Impressive. Good 'ol down-to-earth, nothing-fancy citrus scent. I found it a bit light in the longevity department, but no more so than most citruses on me. You can't really go wrong with it. Get it.

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    I must confess when I first sampled this a couple years ago my first impression was Lemon Pledge furniture polish. In fact, I stated as such on the old board, something to the effect that if I wanted to smell like Lemon Pledge I'd just buy a bottle of it instead and save some money. Well, either I had a bad sample or my nasal receptors have changed because about 9 months ago I decided to try it again and this time was greeted with the most delightful fresh, long lasting citrus with just a hint of spice to give it a little edge. I immediately bought a 3.4 and have enjoyed it ever since.


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    i bought this one a few months ago. initially liked it a lot (very similar to D&G masculine!), but don´t ever use it much... i find it a bit too woody in the base for my liking.


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    If it hasn't changed it's lemon fresh and slightly woody. It doesn't seem like it's changed from the previous desciptions.

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    Presented in a lovely yellow frosted glass flacon, this fresh citrus has a more complex side. Check out the Balmain website ( for all the notes. Its a gentleman's fragrance that sells in England at a very full price alongside Caron, CdG, Carthusia, etc in places like Libertys in London. Cheap it is not!


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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    What a fortuitous thread, for just yesterday I wore Monsieur Balmain for the very first time! I had this to say:

    After a shower I'm trying Monsieur Balmain EDT for the first time, received along with the HM and quite a few other scents. The Monsieur Balmain is shockingly good! It opens with a lemony blast all the world like Lemon Drop candies, with a little lime mixed in. This is very nice, though somewhat fleeting. Then the wet woods emerge over the remnants of neroli or lemongrass, intriguingly "dirty" like Creed's Neroli Sauvage. There are also some floral notes that are difficult to identify. This appears to be quite long-lasting, and for the price it is one heck of a bargain! Highly recommended!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff H.
    What a fortuitous thread, for just yesterday I wore Monsieur Balmain for the very first time!
    Holy smoke--when I started to read your post, I thought, wow, de Charlus/Marcel/Naed_Nitram (Dean Martin) wears Monsieur Balmain!


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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    Who is Marcel/de Charlus?? Does a review by this shrewd observer bestow a certain status on a fragrance?


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    Ahhh... Monsier Balmain. There seems to be an older 1964 version, but the one available now
    seems to have come out in 1990 in the frosted yellow bottle. Monsieur Balmain is mysterious actually coz it smells different every time I wear it. Some places mention a 'lemon-grass' note which I seem to notice sometimes (could be just the lemon). Sometimes there is this minty note in the top-notes that is almost old-school but doesnlt last. Monsieur Balmain is classy and I have eevn worn it at formal occasions in the summer.
    Cheap not it is, Yoda as well says.


    Yes I too want to know the legacy of De Charlus.Marcel.Naed Nitram
    Currently wearing: Pour Un Homme by Caron

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    Default Re: Monsieur Balmain

    Quote Originally Posted by Trotsky
    Who is Marcel/de Charlus?? Does a review by this shrewd observer bestow a certain status on a fragrance?

    Well, FWIW, I typically take a positive deCharlus review as a "must-buy" recommendation. This has worked exactly 50% of the time. [smiley=wink.gif] In any case, the guy writes great reviews.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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