I checked out my local TJ Maxx today and found YSL Nu. They had 50ml EDT ($19.99), 30ml EDP ($9.99) and 100ml EDP ($19.99). I had never tested this before and they were all unboxed, so I helped myself.

First of all, this has one of the stupidest bottle designs in the history of perfumery. It's a flat disk, like a makeup compact (at least the EDP is; the EDT is in a more traditional cylindrical bottle) and the catch/hinge on the lid sections of all three bottles they had were broken so lid would not stay on. Grrrr.

My first impressions are very positive. It's easily wearable for a man, but a woman could wear it too, and I'd be all over a woman who would. However, I don't really get the comparisons to Donna Karan Black Cashmere (which I love) that are often made. To my nose Nu is MUCH softer and more floral; not nearly as smoky and incensey as BK, and most people would probably not consider it as masculine.

I liked it enough to pick up the 100ml EDP for 20 bucks, but if you're thinking of buying blind because you like Black Cashmere, I'd definitely recommend finding a way to try before buying.