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Thread: CS vs. ADP

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    Default CS vs. ADP

    These are two similar scents in that "lemon" factor from what I read as I have never sampled them. Which in your opinion is wirth the money and a blind purchase? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikkitosennomusha
    These are two similar scents in that "lemon" factor from what I read as I have never sampled them. Which in your opinion is wirth the money and a blind purchase? Thanks!

    No. 88 is NO lemon scent!
    No. 88 is a rose scent.

    You probably mean Neroli by Czech & Speake.

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    Default Re: CS vs. ADP

    These are two classics for sure, but as the good doctor said, 88 is not a lemon or citrus scent as is ADP.

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    [blue]If you're looking for an eau de cologne, predominantly citrus style accord, Czech and Speake *No. 88* couldn't be futher from your search. Apart from the bergamot in the top notes, which disappears very quickly, there is little about this fragrance that is citrusy.

    *No. 88* is Czech & Speakeís signature scent. Itís complex, has real body, and presence, and is entirely original. Itís based on an old Elizabethan recipe that has been updated. I think itís a benchmark scent. The center of accord, as noted by "dr.creed" above, is rose (Rose Otto actually). This gives is what gives it its body and presence and holds the whole accord together. It has a commanding sillage like no other fragrance I know. No, sillage is the wrong word. It actually creates an aura around the wearer.

    *No. 88* contains some of the following notes: Bergamot, Cassie, Frangipanni, Geranium, Rose Otto, Vetiver and Sandalwood. It has a soapy, floral, woodsy, slightly spicy quality to it. The floral notes are never dominatant and the cassie, which is really the essential oil from the flowers of a shrub, gives it a unique floral-spicy, balsamic note that blends elegantly with the other notes. The frangipani, like the cassie, is not your usual monochromatic floral note. Itís has a weighty floral-green aroma, with a soft spicy edge to it that again blends tightly and elgantly with the Rose Otto and with the other ingredients. Itís very hard to describe this scent because itís put together so well, but you will certainly sense the quality and originality when you try it. If there was ever a "real classic", this is it. Despite its containing some floral elements, it is a decidedly masculine scent and a very British one at that, I might add. In fact, itís so unique, you could even call it unisex even though itís clearly marketed as a menís fragrance with an aftershave in the line. In my opinion, for what it's worth, and it's one I've come to slowly, this is probably one of the five greatest scents every produced.

    Again, if you're looking for a citrusy accord, this is clearly not what you want. I'd go with ADP (Acqua di Parma Colonia).


    [red]P.S. The lemony/citrusy factor people sense in *No. 88*, as in many other fragrances, is a confusion of the freshness of the accord with citrus. This is a common recourse when struggling to describe anything that strikes someone as fresh or refreshing. It's understandable, but it's confusing, and, worse, it gives a false impression of the actual nature of the scent under consideration.[/red]

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    Thanks for all the reviews and after the thoughts of scentemental, I am going to have to put this on my must have list! I only read somewhere that someone thought is was of a lemon furniture polish type scent. How wrong that poster was. No, lets see who has the range in stock. Any suggestioins?

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