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    From the ongoing thread on 'recent purchases' I cannot help but note the number of mail order/online purchases. If I can I try to buy from a proper shop (in London) where I can try before I buy.

    Buying on line from time to time I have had many disappointments - failure to deliver at all, failure to deliver the correct item, large import duty levies - and just a few successes.

    Which is better - the real tangible pleasure of touching, smelling and then buying or buying by remote control hoping one day something may appear? [smiley=grin.gif]

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    I sample the fragrances in the stores in New York, then purchse them on the net from or strawberrynet. com or I never had any bad experiences with them, including any returns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trotsky
    Which is better - the real tangible pleasure of touching, smelling and then buying or buying by remote control hoping one day something may appear? [smiley=grin.gif]
    Well to be honest, neither. The real pleasure is in getting a bottle for 80%-off retail knowing how you will never finish the bottle [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]
    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
    -- Marcel Proust

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    Ah, there's the rub!:
    Quote Originally Posted by Trotsky
    If I can I try to buy from a proper shop (in London) where I can try before I buy.
    First, you have to have "proper shops" at your disposal, and I can attest that many of us don't.
    If I restricted myself to purchasing only scents I could buy at stores within a fifty mile radius of my
    home, I'd pretty much have to rule out most niche and designer names. The major department
    stores where I live don't carry Creed or L'Artisan, for example, but most of them also don't carry Hermes
    or YSL, either.....if I'm looking for a Chanel, I'd currently be restricted to Platinum Egoiste and Allure Sport.
    And specialty perfume stores?: we have three (at last count) tiny little mall-shops that a smattering of
    other brands: I saw my first 'male' Caron (PuH) at one the other day. Our (one) Saks carries several of the
    newer, more heavily promoted releases as well as a few Penhaligon's and Goutal scents, but they have
    the most aggressive SAs I've ever encountered.

    If I had a wide selection of brands available locally, I know I'd buy far less on-line.

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    At least for me shopping online for both samples and big bottles is the only way to acquire any niche scents because quite honestly next to none are sold in Finland. Ordering samples really is a better way to try fragrance than just spray it in the store, even if you wait until the drydown because it's easy to sample it several times. So no problem there!

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    Like the others say it really depends on what shops you have at your disposal. I usually sample my scents around central Manchester stores but even the ones that stock lines such as L'Artisan, Lutens, Diptyque, Creed etc only seem to stock part of their lines and that's mainly either the feminine or popular ones. Thankfully L'Artisan you get get samples off MKN and others from Les Senteurs. You have to pay for the samples but at least you get to try in your own time and if your not sure about one you can try again another day. Then if I like it's easy to buy online and luckily there's been no hiccups yet. If the shops here had all these lines they'd never get me out of them. I guess the advantage is it slows down my rate of spending!


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    Yes, my post was a bit tongue in cheek. I would not be the happy owner of Dior Jules, Crown Perfumery's Sandringham or Lancome Balafre without the Internet.

    And with recent events in London, I may now think twice before visiting.....


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    As suggested by many, its always a good choice to sample it in local fragrance shop. Then comes the issue of time, if u want it fast and now, u might as well buy it in a local shop. But if u r willing to wait, then go for online. Lastly, money factor, its always gonna be cheaper to buy it online, cuase u dont have the outlet rentals, sales people, etc which add up the cost. In the US, i have been ordering from and have gotten all my stuff on time. The have THE cheapest price when compared to any place else, but i got to warn u that they dont always have their items in stock and their inventory, thoguh big, dosent have rare scents. also is good, but more expensive.

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