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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    It took a while for me to begin wearing feminine fragrances.

    I began from Serge Lutens range which is multigender - by definition of Serge himself, and L`Artisan.

    And now I`m have and wearing
    Helmut Lang
    Mitsouko Guerlain
    Jicky Guerlain
    Chamade Guerlain
    Vol de Nuit Guerlain
    Bandit Piguet
    Jolie Madame Balmain perfume (strongly recommend vintage perfume to all leather fans!!!)
    Cabochard EDT and EDP
    Parfum Sacre, Poivre, Tabac Blonde, Le royal bain de Champagne Caron
    Cuir de Russie Chanel
    Chypre Coty
    Angelique Encens Creed
    1270 Frapin
    Parfum du Therese Frederic Malle
    Une Fleur de Cassie Fr. Malle
    Habanita Molinard
    Tilleul d`Orsay

    And from samples
    Alpona, En Evion, Narcisse Noir - Caron
    Aromatix Elixir Clinique
    l`Origan, Emeraude - Coty
    Diorling, Diorissimo, Diorella
    Canoe Dana
    Bal a Versailles Desprez
    Eau Illuminee DelRae
    Doblis and Parfum d`Hermes
    Perfume Norma Kamali
    Antilope Weil
    etc, etc, etc...

    As everyone can see - if it smells like leather it does not matter - feminine or masculine...
    I think that Jolie Madame (from 60-s) smells more masculine then Cuiron or John Varvatos (from 21 century) - the leather sounds more ... (dirty? rude? definite? natural?) true virility!

    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    moon fish,
    From the few I can identify on your lists this must pe a wonderful alley to walk along. I shall start by searching for Patou.

    If I am allowed to comment on Duxoop and Lazycalm posts: Black Cashmere almost does not count here. A very noble male scent mislabeled. Without Basenotes I would never have found it

    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    What I own right now is:
    Jicky Feminité du Bois
    Caron - Nuit de Noël
    Dana - Tabu
    Mitsouko parfum (but I rarely use it. Keeping it for reference.)

    But I love a lot of others as well. Next purchase will be L'Heure Bleue parfum de toilette.

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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    yes, I like almost all my feminine frags... especially cuir etc.
    Have you seen Patou Coctail discussion in Luca Turin blog?
    I gonna seek for Dry coctail of Patou!

    L`Heure Bleue by Guerlain is only feminine perfume I cannot wear.
    Neither vintage nor modern version.
    Aniseed or heliotrop make me sick...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    Tabac Blond, of course
    Black Cashmere, swipe it from my wife
    Premier Figuier, supposedly a feminine, but I don't get it
    Bandit, until I gave it to a friend
    Angel, a little touch sometimes because it's fun
    Une Rose, someday
    and I'd wear L'Heure Bleue sometimes if it wasn't one of my wife's favorites

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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    Dear Mike C

    My name is Amelie and I have been working for Serge Lutens since 3 years.

    I have red all discussions on Serge Lutens fragrances and we all have to thank you for helping us as you do !

    Best regards,


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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    Cabochard by Gres is another scent that seems 'mis-labled' being very much like Aramis

    My only other 'female' fragrance is the unisex Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain


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    Default Re: male wears female fragrances

    I really like Jil Sander Woman Pure (the older version in the solid white glass bottle)...

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