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    Default Hilfiger True Star Man ....what joke!

    My local Filene's has a big counter display with Enrique Iglesias and a tester (scent not available yet)

    What a joke! I gave the back of my hand two good shots of the scent it mostly all citrus after that burnt off which was very quick the scent was gone [smiley=thumbdown.gif]

    Its very obvious this is being marketed toward the teen market so they don't have too strong a scent since the tikes are so young and all....

    Point in case when The Scentimus launches his signature scent Lauder/Aramis will NOT be getting the contract. [smiley=laugh.gif]

    Save you money on this one! *

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    Default Re: Hilfiger True Star Man ....what joke!

    Tommy & his gang have completely lost the plot on fragrances, they should concentrate on making safari suits...
    Let your nose be your pilot

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    Default Re: Hilfiger True Star Man ....what joke!

    It's actually not that bad of a scent. Hardly anyone I know hates it, although most agree it is certainly a "fragrance du jour." Yes, it is for the teenie crowd because of E.I. but it has a nice smooth and light scent, perfect for summer or just a light romp during the day. Remember, a scent should never cover, but enhance! The only problems I personally have with the scent are as follows:

    1) Bad advertising. Honestly, Enrique is on his way out of the little career he already had. I think it's a bad idea to try and market to the 18-35 crowd (more like 14-25 in my opinion) with this guy, but oh well, what can you do?

    2) Odd scent hanging around for about 10 minutes. My coworkers describe it as a "punchy-ness" and I describe it as odd. Not necessarily bad, but something to keep in mind because it takes a good ten minutes if not more to settle down and actually smell good.

    3) Will be off the market in less than two years uness a miracle happens , so don't think you're going to be using this as your own personal scent.

    I think alot of people are going to knock this scent because of many factors but it is a really good fragrance if you give it a chance, and wear it for summers or warm winters (like those of us in the Southwest). If you're a Ralph Lauren Romance kind of guy then you probably won't like it too much. But if you like lighter and slightly sweet, yet still very masculine, fragrances this scent could be for you.
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