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    Default Good European online shop


    I was wondering of any of you know a good/cheap European online shop for perfume. All I can find on the web are USA-based sites that don't deliver to Belgium (or Europe in general). American shops that dó deliver to Belgium are also welcome :-)

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    Default Re: Good European online shop

    Aus Liebe zum Duft is my favourite, Escentual is a good one, too. Sables already posted the links for both but here are two more.

    Gabriele Krätschmer

    Beauty Base
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    Default Re: Good European online shop

    There´s where you can find a good selection of old and new designer scent in minature bottles. I´ve ordered once and was very happy with the service, shipping and delivery speed.

    Also I´ve ordered twice from and they are truly amazing!! Good if you want to order samples of niche scents.

    Then I´ve ordered three times from It´s not in Europe but the ship to europe. Good prices, great selection of designer scents in all possible sizes including samples and minis. Not that great when it comes to niche scents though.

    Hope that helps a little! /Tobbe

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    Default Re: Good European online shop


    A few rare oldies available including Jules, Balafre, original Dunhill (1934), etc

    Beauty Base looks promising, thanks Tigrushka

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