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    Default The Popular scent landscape.

    In trying out a couple of my fragrance choices on a female friend of mine, she gave me some interesting comments on some things that she considered absolutely lovely, but which were too popular:

    Aqua di Gio she mentioned as the top case of something that girls think smells divine, but nearly every guy is wearing it. She noted that Dolce Gabbana PH likewise is quite popular, as is Issey Miyake PH (which her best guy-friend wears). And she just bought Armani Black Code for her new boyfriend, which is probably a red flag of impending mass adoption.

    I've only just begun paying attention to what everyone around me is wearing but I am definitely getting hit with a lot of aquatics throughout the day, though I don't know them all well enough to say which ones.

    I have seen that website that listed top selling frags for the US and European nations, though it is now 2 years out of date.

    So to build on the impressions that my friend gave me, what is that it seems everyone is wearing in your area? I'll admit that my friend's warning led me to broaden my frag testing, which led me to discover a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have dared to try prior.

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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    Among my 20-something friends...I mainly see (er, smell) AdG, mall store scents (like A&F Fierce & BKE from the Buckle), Clinique Happy, Curve & it's offspring, & Lucky You.
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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    At work:

    Males <50: Hugo Boss: Hugo, Le Male
    Males >50: Hugo Boss #1

    Females: DG: Light Blue, Jennifer Lopez

    Many of my co-workers seem to use no fragrance at all(?!)

    At the gym:

    Le Male!

    DKNY Be Delicious for the youngest guys. The girls wear something light and fruity. Have no idea what fragrance it is.

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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    At University:
    Males: Le Male [smiley=thumbdown.gif], Lynx (Marketed as Axe in the US)
    Females: True Star, the 'Impulse' range (basically Lynx for girls)

    Eternity, Le Male [smiley=thumbdown.gif]

    Le Male makes me sick nowadays. Most people that I have the displeasure of smelling Le Male on are wearing it in order to cover up their BO soaked in their T-shirts which haven't been washed in a month.

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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    At work there are two camps among the males: AdG and Le Male.

    I'm not sure Le Male is _that_ common though, but you can sniff it a mile away.

    In general, looking back a few years, it seems like Le Male took AdG's place as the number one most common fragrance (that is easy to destinguish) which in it's turn took Farenheit's place.

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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    From walking on the street and riding public transportation, I notice a lot of Dolce and Gabbana. I really don't notice many acquatics. I have no idea about what goes on in clubs, so I guess that is where everyone is wearing them.

    In my organization made up of hundreds of people, I think I'm the only man that wears a fragrance - and that's a real shame.

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    Default Re: The Popular scent landscape.

    Here, as far as i can tell:

    Younger Guys - L'eau d Issey, JPG Le Male, Joop, Hugo, Polo Sport, Lynx (Axe).
    Older Men - Kouros, Old Spice, Jazz, Aramis. Brut.

    I don't think AdG is nearly as popular here compared to the States.

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