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    Default What I found at Sam's Club for $28.74...

    Today, I found a Bvlgari pour Homme gift set at (I'm not making this up) the local Sam's Club, complete with a 1.7 oz EdT, a 2.5 oz shower gel, and a 1.7 oz mini soap for (drumroll please) $28.74. Yeah, you can get just the 1.7 oz EdT from for $25.24, but then you add $6 for shipping, so it made more sense for me to just get the set at Sam's. That, plus the fact that I had $44 left on a Wal-Mart gift card, sealed the deal.

    And, so far, I'm a big fan of it. My immediate thought as soon as I opened up the box and sprayed some on was "Why didn't I get this sooner?". I can now see why MonkeyManMatt and Paul G. love this stuff.

    Guess that I can count Bvlgari as one of my fave houses now....
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: What I found at Sam's Club for $28.74...

    I used to go mad over this stuff but I don't know what happened to my affection for this stuff? Perhaps my love affair was over when I met GIT and some others??

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