today i put on my favorite black shirt to get dressed for a day of meaningless errands. i had worn it a few days ago, but since its "dry clean only", i dont get a chance to clean it after every wearing. i'm a pretty clean guy, and i don't spill stuff very often, so i can wear things a few times before they need to be cleaned (that, and i'm lazy).

anyway, while putting it on, i get the nicest smell of a mixture of fragrances that i can't quite put my finger on. somewhere between le male, emporio armani night, and lanvin l'homme. but very soft and sweet, and faint. i'm in love with the smell of my clothing. and i doubt i'll ever be able to replicate it.

so for today, my scent of the day is a mixture of the scents from the past few weeks (untill i hit the cleaners tomorrow).