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    Default SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    Got Cedre last month. Came in the exact package design (brown color) of Daim Blond and has the same tag below Eau de parfum that says: Haute Concentration, which I have no clue what it means.
    Anyways, the first impression I got was that it wasn't a departure from Miel de Bois and hence forgot all about it. The arrival of Borneo 1834 had me take out all the SL bottles to make comparisons between them all and I discovered that Cedre wasn't repeating MdB in any way save for the *sweet* factor that binds DB, MdB and Cedre in one category--the sweet contemporary SL.
    Cedre opens with an invigorating mint note. I guess it's peppermint, and then becomes oriental-woody and quite pleasant at that. I can't tell the pyramid of notes, but I can detect the smell of cedar that has been treated in a way to remove it's gasoline-like edge. This is very amicable and refined note of cedar. I love it.

    Borneo 1834 is a legend. I knew SL was not going to introduce another patchouli fragrance. I was expecting a different take on patchouli and that's exactly what Borneo is. I find it very alluring and accessible and I can't figure out why it has to be an exclusive! Think raw patchouli and caramel/vanilla/coco. I really don't know what the source of the sweetness is. But, I'm getting one note that my nose seems to lock with it! It's a distant ghost of Gucci pour Homme, or even CdG Man2! I also get the smell of insence (not the frankinsence you all seem to refer to when speaking of insence). It's not the church insence, but rather the vintage Arabic oud/amber insence.
    Borneo 1834 is my number one Serge Lutens fragrance, and I happen to be a big fan of the house.

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    Default Re: SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    Wow. Great review. I am so excited to see new SL frags come out, because Julian lays out the big bucks for them and then sends me samples!!!

    J, are you listening!!! lol!!!

    These two sound beautiful.

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    Default Re: SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    Thanks for the reviews Killer. Need to check out Borneo 1834, how do you think the patchouli/sweet combo compares to what seems like a trend in womens' fragrances - prada, flowerbomb, angel, coco mlle etc. I suppose the incense sets it apart a bit.
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    Default Re: SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    I find it strange you don't talk about the tuberose in Cèdre. It's impossible to miss, specially in the first 20 minutes. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Default Re: SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    About Borneo 1834 in comparison to the mainstream frags, Borneo is different in many aspects. It doesn't have that sharp synthetic note that seems to dominate the designer frags (excluding the fabulous Prada).
    Prada is not dark, whereas Borneo is so dim and has an enchanting earthy drydown. There have to be so many elements in it. It's so complex, thick dense and so delicious, at the same time. It has better sillage and tenacity than Cedre.

    About the tuberose note in Cedre, yes I wasn't able to smell it until a friend pointed it out--makes me really say what do I know.. Weirdest of all is I can feel a similarity between it and L'Heure Bleue! One thing I'm certain of: my obsession with it is growing by the hour and bordering on silly.

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    Default Re: SL Cedre and Borneo 1834 - impressions

    Wonderful review! You change my thought that I have to get Borneo sample before buying the bottle. Oh no, seems Borneo is my liking!

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