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    Darn, I'm wondering if I should've picked up this fragrance instead of Boss Soul. It's funny how that day I was looking more for a deeper, refined fragrance, but the Tommy Bahama was just as good, though a more simplified fragrance, carefree, and even more long lasting. I'm always drawn to fragrances with a lot of sandalwood in it! I think I'll buy a try me vial from on eBay along with the Z Zegna, which reminds me of Polo Blue on the drydown, but much, much more refined and harmonious and not as contrasting (and not cheap-smelling on my skin) as the 'Blue'.

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    I sampled the Zegna yesterday & liked it a whole lot. It smelled like soap @ first which I thought was great, but the drydown was too masculine for me.
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