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    Default The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    Stumbled upon this, and wanted to check in and see if anyone has checked out and sampled Bernard Loiseau's "eaux de toilette" or scented candles. Quite gourmand: "Parsley, Fennel, Pepper, Spice Bread and Bitter Orange are on the menu of his latest creations".

    Top notes
    In today’s society where it is easy to forget that one was once a child, Bernard Loiseau has chosen to cultivate tender emotions as if they were a rare and precious plant. He often talks about his childhood memories, such as his outings in the countryside in Auvergne; "In my head, I have smells of places that are linked to my love for the countryside. Like the end of a card game or a game of pétanque, or the powerful smells of earth and moss that spring up after a storm. Or the smell of a wood burning fire, a fresh garden arbor and the many exotic fragrances that I’ve brought back from my extensive travels," says Bernard Loiseau. In short, odors that speak to each and everyone of us that we would like to share with others.

    Who knows what lurks...? Curious, nonetheless.

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    Default Re: The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    I recall SixCats ran across a scent of his, I think it was orange something-or-another.

    Note that Mr. Loiseau killed himself allegedly because he lost one of his Michelin stars.
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    Default Re: The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    I have the orangette ~ a contreau & chocolate scented room spray that i wear as perfume. It is AMAZING smelling if you like gourmand scents. I generally am not fond of chocolate fragrances but i love this one.....probably the strong rich orange in it saves it for me, unlike Lucia by fresh index where the orange is weak. I wish i knew where to get the edts and candles. If his candles are as rich smelling as the room sprays they must be awesome.

    I couldn't find any place on line to buy any of his line. Just news articles about his life and suicide.

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    Default Re: The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    You could try to contact the store for more info. Didn't know about the lost star and suicide. There was no date on the website - obviously a bit dated... thanks for the update. Might be rather difficult to track down at this point.

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    Default Re: The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    The company that made them (b-Prime) no longer have their website -- its possible that they have gone out of business.

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    Default Re: The great chef's aromas - Bernard Loiseau

    The only room spray I was thoroughly impressed with was by pure chance shopping at a Pier One store, as I normally don't shop at a home furnishings store. I was in there to pass the time before meeting with friends for dinner. Of course, I gravitated to the candles and room sprays and stumbled upon something called Citrus Cilantro. I scoffed and asked myself how could something with Cilantro in it smell any good unless it was in some Italian or Asian cuisine? I sniffed the candle and was bowled over at how inviting this scent was! I bought a candle and room spray. The candle wasn't as pungent, so I resort to that as mood lighting, but the room spray I use for a mood lifting scent and to freshen sheets with. I was awfully surprised how the scent also lasts...I'm pretty sure it has a high concentration of the scent oil in it because I don't use much to scent a room with it. Didn't cost much either...$6.99 for a scent with staying power. Hope I can find it again when my bottle runs out.

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