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    Default Bigarade Update---Malle Service and Les Senteurs

    Well...I rang the Paris shop with my sorry story about my evanescent Bigarade Concentree .

    Quite fortuitously when I phoned I caught Violetta, PA to Frederic Malle, who advised me to take my flacon over to Les Senteurs in London where they were to change it for me.

    Indeed my new bottle is VERY different from the one which I returned which the SA in Les Senteurs agreed was 'very strange and watery', if not a little 'off'.

    A most strange story about the Vetiver Extraordinaire; The Les Senteurs stock was recalled and The SA told me that it was because something about the Glass flacons was reacting chemically with the juice to spoil it. She told me that a different composition of Glass was to be used in future--This sounds odd but I offer it for info..

    I am keeping an eye on my own bottle of VE hoping I won't have to go back to change that too.

    All in all WONDERFUL customer service from Malle and Les Senteurs
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    Default Re: Bigarade Update---Malle Service and Les Senteu

    I just can second the superb service from Malle. Very quick delivery, very friendly service. Really recommendable!

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    Default Re: Bigarade Update---Malle Service and Les Senteu

    I'll third the Malle customer of the best IMO.

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