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    Default CDG LEAVES SERIES $45.00 Free Shipping

    I posted about the luckyscent sale and misqouted the price its $39.00 plus shipping = $46.00

    However MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art ~ Los Angeles) also has the CDG Leaves series for $45.00 free shipping.....sorry no incense series
    Maybe we should all call them and beg them to get in the incense series!!!!

    Here's the link

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    Default Re: CDG LEAVES SERIES $45.00 Free Shipping

    Agreed. MOCA is absolutely the way to go for the Leaves. Grabbed my Mint there. Very fast and courteous.

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    Default Re: CDG LEAVES SERIES $45.00 Free Shipping

    Many thanks for the tip, BG! [smiley=smiley.gif]
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