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    yes i am very curious about these fragrances

    i love the bottle of the little italy fragrance from bond no.9 any reviews or opinions on this one ???

    A friend of mine was dating a girl who worked in a cologne shop.I remember her saying that the best cologne she ever smelled (and i mean really expressed HOW GOOD THIS COLOGNE smelled) was called bond something or was made my bond

    i always wondered what fragrance this could be anyone have a clue to what it might be???
    this was at least 3 years ago


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    3 yrs ago, huh? Could it have been one of the James Bond fragrances and not Bond 9? Bond 9 creates quite a number of scents, so it could have been any of at least half a dozen from that time...

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    You will hear negative thoughts from people who have little experience with the Bonds, over [ch8206]here. It's the general consensus. The price of a Bond is undeniably high, but considering the [ch8206]quality of the perfume and the concentration of the oil base, one certainly pays even less than one [ch8206]pays on another niche fragrance from houses like Creed, or even MPG.[ch8206]

    Bond No. 9's approach to perfume in terms of originality is binary. Some tend to pay tribute to [ch8206]classic niche/designer frags but with a twist that is usually not discerned by an uneducated nose, [ch8206]and some are strikingly original and resemble nothing on the market.[ch8206]
    The nuance in a fragrance that pay homage to an already established classic is a world of [ch8206]difference for keen noses to seek, but often skated over, as I mentioned earlier, by less *savvy* [ch8206]noses.[ch8206]

    To give you an example, Eau de New York is somewhat akin to the soul of Goutal’s Eau [ch8206]d’Hadrein, but the *bitter orange blossom* that hovers over the field of lemon draws a big [ch8206]distinction between the two fragrances in terms of character and mood.[ch8206]

    On the other hand, Little Italy is CONSPICUOUSLY and OUTSTANDINGLY *novel*.[ch8206]
    It’s basically Clementine with crushed jasmine and a plethora of other elements. The overall [ch8206]olfactory persona of this gem delineates an uncharted territory for itself among fierce citric [ch8206]contenders—a total yummy.[ch8206]

    Eau de Noho, does miracles with Linden flowers, and so do many of the other Bonds.[ch8206]


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    I just paid my first visit to the Bond No 9 store last week. I second Killer's notion that some of bond's frags bear very close resemblance to other frags. I probably don't have a refined enough nose, or haven't smelled enough frags yet, but at least some of Bond's frags smell like Creeds to me. This is especially funny because Bond was a Creed retailer (and still has a lot of creed stock) before making their own perfumes. Wall Street, which I loved, smells like equal parts MI and Erolfa. The new one, the Hamptons, shares a really distinctive note with MI and SMW, but I don't know what it is. My first impression of Riverside Drive was that it had something in common with Bvlgari PH, but I'll need to resmell it from my sample. When I tried to buy a bottle of GIT, the sales rep tried to sell me Chez Bond instead. Even he said they were incredibly similar. That seemed like a tough sales pitch - "Hey, it smells the same and costs more!!"

    Little Italy, on the other hand, is amazing! Just like Killer said, the orange opening will knock your socks off and it dries down to something that my nose picked out as cilantro, though I've never known cilatro to be used in perfumes. I really wish that they had a sample to give me because I want to resmell it. Oh well, I'll just have to go back next time I'm in NYC (luckily I go often ). The way they sell their perfume, I think the bottle is something like $20 and the frags are $40 per ounce to fill the bottle. $100 for 2 ounces in prettly steep, but at least the bottle is refillable in the future. Buying samples on ebay is even pretty rough, 10ml decants go for over $20.

    The point is, for most Bond frags, there is probably something else you can buy that is equally great but cheaper. But there are some, in my opinion, that are worth the top dollar.

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    I despise bond no 9. The only ones I like are riverside drive and chez bond and unfortunte for bond, Creed has already made the and better! I will continue my love affair with GIT!

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    Default Re: bond no.9

    I absolutely love New Haarlem. If you guys have not tried this, you are missing out on a rich, unique fragrance.

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    i have briefly tried almost all the masculine/unisex, so here's my take. *like everyone else, i also think they are excellent, quality scents, but not adventerous enough for me to throw down the cash for them retail. *the lighter more aromatic/floral/sweet scents all seem to have a common note once the top notes burnoff, not unlike the creed 'house note'. *i also noticed they they all start off incredible! however the drydowns are a bit of a let down

    here are some brief descriptions off the top of my head --

    Little Italy -- a tangy tangerine scent at first but once it dries down the florals come through and it becomes a soft, sweet citrus, i couldn't detect the musk at all

    Eau de New York -- fresh, fresh florals and greens. serisously it was like smelling a fresh bouquet, but the drydown was something akin to 4711 and a bit herbal/old ladyish

    Chez Bond -- Bond's GIT. it doesn't have the same bite and herbal/woodiness of GIT though and i can smell the 'Bond Note' think of it as GIT Light

    Gramercy Park -- sweet, fresh greens. smells like Marc Jacobs, but greener, sweeter and with less musk. a slight bit more florals. it wasn't really woody at all. i *almost* bought this one!

    New Haarlem -- smelled like coffee and maple syrup. period. more like maple syrup.

    Central Park -- bitter/herbal greens. fresh, but not sweet at all. smells as if you stuck your nose in a green bush.

    Great Jones -- soapy on steroids. bordering on barbershop scent.

    West Broadway -- mate tea, mixed with more herbal stuff, mixed with cola. this one was a stand out.

    Riverside Drive -- like a good quality clone of a genric nondescript male scent. like abercrombie fierce, nautica competition etc.

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    jay, do yourself a favour, stick to the lineup from the house of creed, better quality for the amount of dosh you will be spending!
    Let your nose be your pilot

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    Bond fragrances are more unique and of superior quality than what you find in the niche market .including the creeds and goutal.try new haarlem and wall street... at saks

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    My wife wears NYC Fling and it smells great on her.

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    Difficult to speculate on her likes, but I'd hazard a guess with Wall Street or H.O.T. Always. Good stuff the both. Great Jones is also a good wear. Soapy and herbal......... I use all three constantly.


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    To me Little Italy has a very authentic lemon/mandarine opening but then they had to mix in what smells like ginger as well wich makes it strange to me...
    I kind of like the Nouveau Bowery though. Fresh and nothing exeptional but a little different from the other fresh summer scents out there. I will stick to the samples though, not sure that the ones I tried are worth getting a big bottle. Would like to try the Haarlem though.


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    Default Re: bond no.9

    Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, some like them and some don't...just try them out for yourself. *I happen to love most of the Bond No. 9 fragrances--much, much more so than Creed--but they are quite pricey and not easily accessible for me. *And great package design--the bottles are fantastic!

    Saks website at has great info on the Bond No. 9 fragrances and all their notes.

    And eBay constantly has sample vials and decants up for auction.

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    I tried the Hamptons from a sample vial yesterday and I really liked it. Someone else said its a mix between Creed MI and SMW and I have to agree with this. Its not too original but still nice. Don't think I'd pay $180 for a bottle of this when I can get the Creeds much cheaper online.

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    I had time to kill between client meetings yesterday so dove into a saks to check out the line since I hadn't really much experience with it. While the sales girl brought her favorites for me to try on a card I found myself comparing just about each one to a Creed fragrance that it was mimicking. Once even, the girls said "This is Bond's version of Green Irish Tweed". She didn't even want to show me Haarlem but I insisted and it was the one of the six I sampled that I wanted to know further. I sprayed some on and took a sample. If it holds up the next time I wear it I will buy a bottle for sure.

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    I recently purchased Chez Bond and Hamptons. I find them to be more refined versions of Creed's Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mountain Water, respectively. And they have the dubious distinction of making the Creeds look relatively inexpensive!

    For me, these two Bond No. 9's give me more of what I like in the two Creeds (although at an admittedly somewhat ludicrous price).

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    Quote Originally Posted by CogniScent
    I recently purchased Chez Bond and Hamptons. *I find them to be more refined versions of Creed's Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mountain Water, respectively. *And they have the dubious distinction of making the Creeds look relatively inexpensive!

    For me, these two Bond No. 9's give me more of what I like in the two Creeds (although at an admittedly somewhat ludicrous price). *
    I agree that chez bond is a smooth sandalwood scent and potent but it lacks the complexity of GIT. I will take GIT anytime over chez bond.

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