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    Default It was the craziest thing.......

    The other day, while at work, I happened to notice the craziest thing. It was a fairly busy day at the ol' auto parts store, and as I approached my next customer, I noticed something rather odd. The customer himself was fairly normal....Polish fellow, mid- to late- 30's age group, dressed kinda "business casual." And the product he was looking for was something we keep readily on-hand. However, as we walked out onto the sales floor and I led him to what he was looking for, I couldn't help but notice a familiar scent. It was Abercrombie & Fitch Woods! It had to be....that woodsy, powdery, slightly herbal, almost pedestrian (IMHO) scent. I coulda bet a ranch on the fact that this was the scent he was wearing. But there was only one way to find out for sure. So I casually commented on it and asked if he was wearing cologne or any type of scent. He politely smiled and said: "Yes. As a matter of fact I am. You may have heard of it. It's called Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent. Are you familiar with it?"

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAT???????????????????

    NO WAY!!! I remained calm and collected and confessed my original assesment to him citing that a good friend of mine was a big fan of the A&F scent and that I thought HE was wearing the fabled (and big-dollar-fetching) Woods. (Take a peek on E-Bay!) He said he wasn't familiar with it but noticed that I had a bit of "scent savvy." So we chatted for a minute regarding frags and he commented that, in his opinion, Kouros, LeMale (yukky) and Egoiste were his faves. "But they ARE strong," he commented. I finished ringing up his purchases and he thanked me and went on his way.

    Meanwhile, my brain's going HUEPHUPHI[RGHRUOFJEHFE0[J4BDHEFJEIJOI!@#%*^%$%^^???????

    I don't own Kouros. I tried it years ago and it was nuthin' but wood and honey. On ME. From what I remember. And I KNOW that each scent has the potential to evolve differently on each individual person's skin. This is especially true of me and Kingdom. (The notes seem to go in reverse on me...I must be from another planet! [smiley=undecided.gif]) And half the folks here speak of a "urine" note. If I drink a lot of pee smells like coffee. WHAT"S GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!??

    OK...all Kouros fans, listen up. Is this wood-powder thing I detected normal or was that cat just shining me on? Was he a Basenotes operative sent to try and infiltrate me into the dark side? Or am I just not getting this. I know that not every single person is gonna like the same thing. And I know that the folks here who despise Kouros....well, they $*#%ing hate the stuff!! So to the likes of AZsmells, SIXCATS, Indieguy, Darkstar.....I seem to be under the impression that you guys are partial to it (If I recall correctly)....or anyone else who owns or wears this "love it or hate it" frag......Give me your impressions and opinions.

    Even in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.....can anyone get away with selling urine in a bottle???
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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    To me this smells like urine cakes but I have never given it the cahnce to be worn on my skin. Perhaps it evolves into something and undergos a process?

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    I would like to start my reply with a 'let's finally get the facts straight about Kouros', but I know I can't, specifically for the reasons you mentioned in your post - i.e. that everybody perceives a fragrance in his/her own way (alas, Mr. Turin doesn't agree but...) and that body chemicals tend to break molecules in different ways.

    In my experience, Kouros smells like Kouros. It belongs to that class of fragrances which, at the time of their launch, smelled like nothing else. Other fragrances of the like are Eau Sauvage, Opium pour Femme, Poison, Grey Flannel, Brut, etc. I have smelled the Kouros drydown in a couple of other fragrances, specifically when I layered Dove deodorant over Brut classic, or in the drydown to Castle Forbes' Keig.

    Maybe the guy's skin chemicals broke it down to a different scent resembling A&F. Maybe you didn't give Kouros time to make an impression in your fragrance mind. Maybe Abercrombie & Fitch Woods has just the same Kouros drydown after all. Maybe, the people at Saint Laurent's discovered a specific molecule at the time and then it was adopted in a series of subsequent creations by other makes.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    Not that I have tested these side by side but, a&f woods does not smell like kouros to me.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    I bought a bottle of Kouros (blind) based on the.....vivid....depictions I've read on-line.
    I don't find it nearly as outre as many other people do, but then, I only wear a couple of spritzes
    at a time, and I'm old enough to remember back before so many ozonics and strong, sweet
    scents of the last 15 years became the predominant scents for many men.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    I actually have a bottle A&F Woods , so i sampled it and i can detect similarities betewwn them , allthough i dont
    own kouros.. it is that "toilet freshener" / soap note that makes them similar.. (they are indeed!)..

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    Hi Dux,

    I'm not sure how to reply to your post. Upon FIRST whiff KOUROS (when sprayed on a card) can really REPEL those who are NOT use to (or perhaps better said) MOSTLY use to SWEETER type fragrances (as I use to be when a newbie BN member). Oddly enough though, I DID (highly) enjoy KOUROS at my very first try (from a sample). In fact, I even recall writting notes about how much I enjoyed this rather UNIQUE YSL fragrance. What can I say ? IMHO, KOUROS is one of THE best fragrances ever created! KOUROS is STILL in my TOP FIVE fragrances! However...I realize that KOUROS is NOT for everyone! Ummmm....I have a idea....I think we should have a BN member KOUROS CHALLENGE!
    The people who say they HATE KOUROS MUST wear (at least a few sprays) of KOUROS (if they haven't WORN KOUROS)...ON...on their skin and...LEAVE it on for the entire day! I admit...I NEED to challenge myself to wear JICKY again (if I ever find a sample) as durning my first wearing...I WASHED it off stright away! Of course as with MANY fragrances...sometimes it does takes a FEW wearings to REALLY know if it is right for you! In fact, sometimes...wearing a fragrance that you START out liking can later (sometime VEEEERY quickly) become a HUGH DIS-like! Come to think of it...I use to fall into this group! I say...BUY KOUROS!


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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    This is very interesting. *Thank you to all who took time to read or reply. *After I started the thread, I was out and about running errands when I decided to detour northward to Woodfield Mall. *Upon arrival, I headed straight for Sephora. *I'm not squeamish or shy...and for cryin' out loud it's just some stinkin' perfume!! *(No pun intended, fellas! LOL) *I walked into the store and headed straight down the men's section to it's end where the keep all the YSL frags (sorted alphabetically by designer name). *Picked up the bottle, looked it in it's one beady eye, turned it toward my hand and spritzed. *'s our old friends...Mr. Wood and Mr. Honey. *Long time, no sniff!! *[smiley=grin.gif] *OK, whatever....I was at least gonna give it a chance. *And dammit, I smelled a sorta "burning wood" smell....but no urine really. *After about twenty minutes it got kinda"codger" smell to it. *Like....Aw, shoot! *Over two decades ago, my family owned a three-flat and one of the tenants wore this stuff!! *Yeah, this mid-40's Polish guy, George. *(This must be a trend! *[smiley=grin.gif] ) *Holy cow....memory lane!! *LOL! *That's funny!! *But anyway...the scent. *Not too terribly horrible-nasty, but it sure's hell aint like sugar cookies or Skittles, that's for sure! *But I certainly did notice that a couple minutes into the scent that it was kinda raging within itself. *I'm no perfumer, but people speak of "accord" in a scent....the way that notes and smells blend together and compliment one another or maybe amplify or tone one another down....the first twenty to thirty minutes of wearing Kouros does not, IMHO, have an accord. *In fact, I'd consider offense, please....DISCHORD! *Seriously. *It's just like this absolute "schism of scent" if you will. *It almost challenges you. *It seems that most folks would rather not tolerate this and reach quickly for soap and water or alcohol or paint remover or a saw or a pistol. *As this was all happening I just kept telling myself: *"No one's looking at you funny (I WAS keeping an eye open for adverse second-party reaction!) and you've certainly blown farts that smell MUCH worse than this!!" *(One flatulent episode brought a co-worker to his knees......) *Sorry....W.T.M.I. *My bad! *Anyway....Kouros! *OK. *So, yes this absolute insanity of topnotes eating one another alive and spitting out the bones. *And here's me watching the clock. *Seems like a while went by. *I raise the top of my right hand to my nose....sniff. *Whoa...hold the phone, Smedley....we got something here! *Dagnabbit!! *There it is!! Not a complete resemblance......just like one...maybe two notes....but yeah. *A&F Woods at least SHARES something with this one. *Oakmoss? *Patchouli? *I dunno. *One of you mentioned the "toilet cleaner" soapiness. *Yeah, believe it or not, it's kinda soapy to me. *That honey note sticks around like a drunk coke-bimbo in a sports bar, though...drifting in and out of sight, once in a while you hear his/her cackley laugh. *I think that #*%!ing honey note may be this scent's achilles heel...maybe...I dunno. *It adds this sweetness that sticks out like R. Lee Ermey at a rave party. *Maybe it's just me. *Upon getting home, I went to the shelf and picked up my tiny bottle of Woods. *I remove the cap and sniff. *Yeah....not blatant....not identical...but there IS a similarity. *So I see. *Curosity killed the cat....but satisfaction brought him back!! *I satisfied my own curiosity. *Good for me.

    I don't think I'm gonna buy this one right soon. *I have my sights set on much more desirable scents. *Ones I've wanted for some time. *We'll see.....maybe someday. *I think this would be a great scent to make a statment long as your skin chemistry works with it. *I simply can't think of one fragrance EVERYBODY likes. *Hell, I don't think there's ever been one of ANYTHING that EVERYBODY likes. *Every person's so different.

    So there it is! *My long-term (3 hour LOL) assesment/review/take/whatever of Kouros. *Now, if y'all will excuse me....remember that...uh..."urine" note? * [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]
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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    Duxoop, you get full marks for persistence!!! [smiley=grin.gif]

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    "In my experience, Kouros smells like Kouros. It belongs to that class of fragrances which, at the time of their launch, smelled like nothing else. Other fragrances of the like are Eau Sauvage, Opium pour Femme, Poison, Grey Flannel, Brut, etc. "

    How damned is it true!!! Moreover:

    " And I KNOW that each scent has the potential to evolve differently on each individual person's skin. "
    Remember, guys: it's your skin, not you, that choices the perfume!!!
    I learned it using Opium PH: some "good" days it smells luscious on me but other "bad" days it's unbearable...

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    This is so funny one of my best friends growing up, Piotr, was polish. Guess what was his dad´s favourite scent that he many times showed us atelling us this was the only real men´s scent?
    Kouros of course! The great white devil. I wonder what IS up with this polish connection??!!


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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    great . . . now my curiosity in woods and kouros has been sparked again. there goes saving my money for an ipod.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    Quote Originally Posted by sbbbjm
    great . . . now my curiosity in woods and kouros has been sparked again. * there goes saving my money for an ipod.
    It's funny you making this connection between iPod and Kouros, as the original Kouros bottle had exactly the same colors of the iPod: silver and white.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......


    Sorry I didn't get a chance to chime in on this one. I haven't smelled AF Woods, so i don't know how it compares to the "great one". Man, your assessment and description of Kouros (esp the teeming dischord of the topnotes upon application was spot-on and a great read!)

    I love Kouros and yet, I never leave the house with it on. Its just a piece of art that to me is more than just an accessory. it really does have alot going on in it. I also get a flossy bone-dry "fur" note out of it, much like some get out of Dzing. Rather than just a few contrasting notes, Kouros has whole "walls" of differing accords that swing around and hit you whenever they feel like it. If you get beyond the fact that it seems dated (which isn't its fault), you can see its timeless beauty and eternal menace that lurks.

    Kouros is one scent whose purchase should not hinge on whether one thinks they will get alot of use out of it or not. Hell, buy a bottle and let it sit on your shelf collecting dust- even if you despise the stuff. One day the light will shine.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    Kouros ia amazing, I never wear and never even own it,i can't stand this strong urine note whenever i've tested it, but every time I smelt it on other people this note is never there ,instead they smell fresh , surprising and really nice, maybe it just works with other people's skin. not for me. [smiley=cry.gif] But I enjoy one helluva lot on other people.

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    Default Re: It was the craziest thing.......

    so after hitting up 2 different stores i finally found som Abercrombie Woods. i went ahead and bought a bottle, cuz i think its being discontinued, seeings how the one store i went to had 3 bottles left and the other store i went to had none.

    then i headed over to Sephora and scrounged up the courage to spray on some Kouros. surprisingly it doesn't smell as horrid in the bottle as it does on skin.

    i can see how you could compare the two with the whole public restroom deodorant comparison. however, Kouros is dirty and has that 80's power scent punch and Woods is fresh and smells like generic aftershave.

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