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    I have been enjoying Ubar by Amouage for the past two days and am in awe--in a fit of somber/jovial sort of delirium. Amouage is certainly not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who are fascinated by all that revolves around the scent, but hardly so by the juice itself. Fuckness. This stuff rips. It was marketed for women (now discontinued), and hell it's a cornucopia of flowers but fuck it I'm on cloud nine having carnal fun with the angels.

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    Isn't it amazing!!! I love it! Thank god i gave it a chance....when i first sprayed it on i thought i was going to die and ten minutes later my wrist was stuck to my nose. I am really enjoying all the Amouage scents.
    Glad someone else is loving the Ubar. I think Lusciouscargo still has it for sale but it says edt....I didn't even know it came in an EDT....Mine is EDP and its strong and goes the distance for sure!

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