Today,the summer sales have officially started and perfumes and and cosmetics were 50% off.And the good news end here:As I posted before,I wanted to get a small (30 ml /1 oz ) bottle of Paul Smith's London.THE SHOCK *: Original Price:55 euros,that is almost the equivalent of 70 USD.Even at half price,about 27 euros, seems very expensive.Bigger bottles were ,of course, better values:you can get a 50 ml bottle at 25 to 35 euros or a 100 ml bottle at 35 to 45 euros, and I speak for designer's scents.Niche fragrances are simply non-existent.Shops selling fragrances or even box-sets for under 10 USD are,again,non existent. [smiley=sad.gif]
Probably it is worthy to get something from a premium brand like Armani or Channel,or Cartier but I think that the prices are not better compared to airports ,former duty free,shops.Have I any right to complain?Collecting fragrances seems to be an expensive habit!
A big bottle of ,let's say,Trussardi Uomo for 42 euros anyone? [smiley=wink.gif]