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    I am simply curious whether anyone wears this stuff. I think this is the vilest stuff I have ever tried. I darted for the restroom after 2 spritzes on my arm and it didn't wash off quite easily. I simply can't think of anyone wearing this stuff except possibly a werewolf. What do you think?
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    LOL!!!! [smiley=grin.gif]

    Holy smokes!! Is it THAT bad?? I bought this stuff as my FIRST fragrance (not a hand-me-down) in 1987 and wore it regularly for quite some time, eventually having it and many other scents of the day in regular rotation. The last time I wore it was in 1998 and a female friend said, "Oh..I like the smell of your aftershave." [smiley=grin.gif]! I haven't even smelled it since almost then. I don't remember it being THAT bad!! Oh well, to each his or her own!

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    Wow. I have a completely different view of Chaps.

    I haven't wore it for about 10 years, but I always liked it. I may be adding it back into my rotation.

    Two friends of mine also like it.

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    I don't like Chaps cologne, but I used to wear the Chaps deodorant, which smells quite exquisite by itself, and much different than its cologne counterpart. Back in the day, I remember receiving quite a few compliments from the deoderant alone.
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    I like it and find it in some ways close to Amouage's Silver.

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    It's weird about that. *I remember my older brother wearing this when we were kids. *I must've put it on once or twice myself, I'm sure.
    Then about year and half ago I came across a 1oz bottle of it in a drugstore for like five bucks and thought what the hell, and tossed it in my basket. *Brought it home. *Splashed some on the next day. *And got physically ill. *Literally. *Within an hour after application I was naseous and dizzy. *Had to shower it off and lay down for awhile till it passed. *I didn't even wear anything for the next couple of days out of fear! *Needless to say I never touched that Chaps bottle again. *
    I wonder, have I become allergic to something that was in it? *Hmm...

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