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    Default Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge

    I was on a trip to Toronto this past weekend, and I came across Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge while sampling many fine fragrances at a small downtown emporium. Although I could have gotten it much cheaper online, I went for the instant gratification and bought the 100mL bottle.

    This is an excellent, if rarely talked about, fragrance. Reminds one of LeMale, but far less cloying, while being more complex and subtle.

    Anybody else have any comments on this one?

    P.S. Unfortunately, the flip-top mechansim completely broke off after I returned home. I emailed the company in France, have yet to hear back.
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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge

    JACOMO Rouge is a nice sweet *fragrance that could *be considered Gourmand if its not catagorized that way already. *My wife likes it on me and that makes it worth having *in my rotation. I think she digs the candy-like top note.

    Also, its become understood that the caps will break everytime on both the Jacomo original and the Jacomo Rouge so dont bother getting a replacement , the next one will do the same.

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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge

    Just returned from vacation in France a few hours ago and was planning to start a thread about this one, which I have never seen discussed here before..............but after all there is not much to be said about it other than it is 99% Le Male...........


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    Default Re: Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge

    You guys have good noses! These two share: mint, cardamom, citrus, sandalwood, tonka, vanilla and cedar. Since the Rouge does not have lavender or bergamot, two rather distinguishable scents, I never conncected the two.

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