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    Default Which Paul Smith?

    It's an easy task, since only three were launched! [smiley=smiley.gif]
    After buying M7 Fresh instead of Paul Smith London, I tried to keep calm for a while.Alas,I still want this P. S. London and I also think that the other two scents from P. S. share a "green" character.So, my next purchase should be a"green" one.Which one do you recommend?
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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    The original PS is the most fresh green of the three. It is very green actually. This is a good choice for office or casual. Its not a dirty green like LV Yerbamate but rather a fresh one. You will probably like it. PS Extreme is the second one and while it is not bad, I don't think it is that great. It is a better version of Burberry touch with tonka and heavy musk in the drydown. London is another fresh, wearable scent but not green like the original. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    the FIRST one! its so fresh and clean. i remember smelling it for the first time and thinking, wow, this is what acqua di gio would smell like if they came out with a green version -- Acqua di Verde! its w very inoffensive scent, and non synthetic smelling.

    Extreme is nothing like Original. it's more of a slightly dirty musk in the vein of a Dunhill scent.

    i smelled London briefly on a card and it smelled like it would fit between Burberry Touch and Carolina Herrera Chic

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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    I have no experience with the other two Paul Smiths but I can't imagine anything greener and fresher than the first, which I do own.


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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    LONDON is a very memorable scent, it captures the smell and feel of the underground and the pedestrian quality of Piccadily and tea!
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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    I have the original and it's the green I'm not keen on!I love it when it's been on 2-3 hours and it dries down to a lovely fresh/spice aroma.But those first couple of hours are hard going,I find the green top notes over powering and quite nauseating.Funny thing is,for the first few months of wearing,I didn't really notice those green notes!

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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    Hmmm... This is a conundrum for me as well. I feel like having a Paul Smith frag in my collection, but the reason i don't is because i can't decide which one. Right now, London is slightly ahead mainly because it lasts longer on me than the rest.

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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    After resampling today the Original and London I keep believing that London smells "green", although this is not described by fellow B'noters or in the directory.
    The good news are that both scents can be found in 30 ml / 1 oz bottles which I prefer :there are chances someday to see them empty!The bad news are that they are slightly overpriced compared to other designer's fragrances.
    Plus ,an irrelevant detail:what a big paper-box for such a small bottle (this applies to both).
    That said,it seems that I prefer London by some margin.
    Thank's for your replies.
    It's never too late to mend.


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    Default Re: Which Paul Smith?

    I'd go with PS original. Its green fresh and very nice. Extreme is ok but a tad sweet ans London is very synthetic, with that vile popular synthetic smelling sweet note that even Creeds Original Santal has.
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