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    Default Evanescent Bigarade

    I hesitated to post this message but again today I am mystified by the fact that Malle Bigarade Concentree disappears so quick on me that it may be true to say that it almost makes its escape between sprayernozzle and skin.

    It is SO fleeting that I am wondering if there is something wrong with my bottle. The fragrance itself smells totally OK.

    I bought my bottle in Paris and it is only a month or two out of the cooler of the Malle Boutique in Rue Grenelle.

    Basenoters do report all the time about how different skin types affect longevity and that may be the case here but I have never ever come across anything so fleeting.

    I bought the Concentree to assure a bit of longevity.

    I am even tempted to send my bottle back for examination.

    Has anyone else had such an experience with Bigarade Concentree?
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    Default Re: Evanescent Bigarade

    I'm surprised. The Concentree gets me through the whole day and by bedtime,(after a 5am application) it's still there but very close to my skin. Your bottle should still be fine. I can't imagine it would be bad by now. My bottle is quite a bit older than that.
    I have to ask if you are using a deodorant soap? That would lessen longevity. I would also try putting it in your refrigerator and see if it "picks up" a bit.
    I do use a very healthy dose but even with less, it still stays pretty well. I wish I had more insight but give the above a try and see what happens.


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    Default Re: Evanescent Bigarade

    I bought a bottle of Bigarade concentree at the Malle boutique in Rue Grenelle along with a few other fragrances about a couple of months ago and it seems to be as concentated as it comes. All of the fragrances have superb lasting qualities and would not hesitate to purchase anything from them in future. The lady at that boutique could not be more helpful and charming and offered me a free full size Bigarade shower gel - it was a most pleasant experience and I was suprised how much I can converse in French still. Maybe you might like to consider layering the fragrance by using the shower gel and I believe they have a body lotion as well ....

    While is is wonderful to use heavier orientals in winter (winter in Australia currently), I am a great believer in using lighter/citrus based fragrances in winter as they do last so much longer. I find that most 'citrus' based fragrances generally do not last very long on me in summer but am fascinated by the lasting quality in winter. I spent a month in winter in Europe a few years ago and the only thing I used was 'Eau du Sud' by Annick Goutal. Not only did it last the whole day, it was the most refreshing and re-energising fragrance throughout the day.

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