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    I know ADG's crime is popularity but I do not care about that. Which one in your opinioin smells the best. I have sampled adg not the 2 man. I am looking to purchase one of these in the next day. Thanks!

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    Haven't tried either of them, but I would recommend Halston Unbound instead of AdG, since it's a lot cheaper and has a lovely tomato leaf note. Other than that they are almost identical. You might even be able to get both.

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    More wearable? *Definitely ADG. *More fascinating? *Definitely 2 Man. *I actually like ADG, just like you, i'd wear it even if everybody else is wearing it, it's perfect for summer, and it gets excellent responses from girls(to all the.....posts out there). *2 Man is quite strange, the more i wear it the more strange it gets, it smells like too many things all at once. *It smells of Insense, smoke, plastic, soap, spicey food, really is quite fascinating, good thing is i do get complimented on this fragrance, however i would not compliment it on myself, smells too strange, but if others can accept it more than i do, then i got noin to complain about. *My adivce, test the 2 Man asap, maybe if you like insense woody scents like Gucci PH, then you might like 2 Man, i'm neutral on it, it has a body odor smell that really bugs me, i guess people are turned on by body odors these days. *Maybe i should get my armpit juice bottled!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HackerX
    More wearable? *Definitely ADG. *More fascinating? *Definitely 2 Man.
    I agree 100%.

    I voted for 2 Man.

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    AdG is the way to go. CdG 2 Man is challenging, a cool weather scent and difficult to wear all times.
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    They're totally different and both have their own qualities. As mentioned before, AdG is an awesome summer scent and even if it's horribly mainstream, I like it and wear it. CdG 2 is one of the most interesting, complex evening scents I know. So you could buy both - wear AdG in the day and CdG2 in the evening.

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    Wearable and fascinating are sometimes contradictory qualities. I find CdG much more fascinating, both are equally wearable.
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